World of Warplanes (WoWp) continues the trend of placing players in historically accurate war weapons. The combat rhythm is faster than that of Tanks, and the advanced system allows players to build a vast and highly customizable aircraft hangar.

Here is how it works. Players will initially have a small number of entry planes to choose from. These are fragile aircraft, they can’t bear the punishment, they may be difficult to maneuver or fly at high speeds, and they cannot provide accurate firepower. In short, these planes are terrible. So, how can we make more from it? It’s as simple as playing.

Like many other games that embrace the free game mode, players can earn money simply by playing games or spending real money. Aircraft are available from level 1 to level 10. Level 1 is the weak entry option, and level 10 is the king.

Undoubtedly, higher-level aircraft are more powerful, but don’t worry-players who drive a level 10 monster will not be in the same game as players who drive a level 1 or level 2 aircraft. The matching structure is to maintain a relatively average situation. Although there are a lot of craftsmanship and custom customizations that come into play, the aircraft levels in any given game will always be very close.

What does this mean in terms of monetization? Although players’ hangars can be quickly dressed up in real money, players in free games will hardly be at a disadvantage in any battle.

The match only takes a few seconds to start, and the simple click method makes entering the game frictionless. Unlike other shooting games and arena-style games, in any WoWp game, the player has only one life.

Once the player is blown out of the sky or unfortunately encounters a mountain accident, they can choose to watch the rest of the game, or jump back to the hangar and immediately join the new game. The game that the player pops up after losing will still provide all the rewards after the game is over.

The entire system has formed a fast-paced reward cycle, eliminating the obstacles faced by many other stand-alone synchronization games. Enter a game, dog fights to death, and then jump directly into the new game. There is no downtime, which allows 15 minutes or 3 hours of gameplay to stay fresh.

The choice and customization of aircrafts provide players with multiple choices.

Looking for some highly mobile and dangerous aircraft? How about something that can count and handle incredible punishments, but lack speed? There are a lot of options to upgrade and dress up according to the player’s specifications. If WoT is any indicator, there will be more countries and choices in the future.

Compared with WoT, the combat speed of World of Warplanes is significantly faster and more face-slapped. Players circle, accelerate and shoot in the air. The encounter can be a well-designed dog fight, many aircraft are trailing behind, or it can be a simple one-on-one encounter, or the player can unload the ammunition reserve and try to crash his damaged aircraft to a higher level. The gun battle for the aircraft to “deal” is over.

For those who feel that WoT has too many hidden and waiting for the enemy to enter the range, WoWp may be a very satisfactory choice.

Although the base game is sometimes a bit repetitive, we have every reason to expect that WoWp will continue to upgrade as Wargaming (developer) brings to WoT, launching new aircraft, battlefields and game modes.

This is a common sense in our opinion, but the actual writing is very convincing. Try World of Warplanes (WoWp). This interesting title ended up sucking us in more hours than we actually thought it would, and the nature of the free game means that you are welcome to give it a go to cash without any risk of loss.

Wargaming has indicated that they will support their products after the release, so look forward to more content and regular patches to continuously improve your experience.

If you want to find a slow and hot airplane game, you may wish to try this game. It is not the best flying experience on the market, but for its price point and host products, it is already very good.

But once you actually enter the experience, don’t be afraid to spend a few bucks. Free games are great, but the money spent here and there will definitely help things stay fun in the long run.


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