World of Tanks (WoT), the most popular and standard game mode is random combat, which allows two teams to fight against each other to fight on a small scale for the purpose. The front line is back, and the team size is increased to 30vs30, one team attacking, one team of defending. The current map pool does not support this, so there is a new 9km2 battlefield divided into 9 zones. There is nothing special about the map on the front, but the game mode makes up for this small problem. It can be reborn, and the battle feels more subtle and team-oriented. The front line is exactly what the World of Tanks needs, giving players something new, but still in line with what they are used to. Currently, Frontline has limited access, but I can see that this will become a permanent feature in the future because players seem to really like it.

There are hundreds of tanks in 10 levels from 9 different countries that can be studied. Every tank has an upgrade path, although in reality, stock tanks are almost useless. In order to further improve the performance of your tank, you can purchase equipment, reduce reloading time, better aim while moving, etc. Each tank has a virtual crew, they can receive skills training to further supplement your gameplay. If you don’t directly purchase equipment from 1 to 10 floors, you will spend a lot of time to hone. It is not anxious to reach the 10th floor, many people like the 8th floor.

There are a considerable number of maps rotating in the game, but you can really vote for some kind of map at the end of each round. At present, you only need to click the battle to go to the random map. After the recent overhaul of the graphics engine, the map has never looked so good.

Operating a free game/free value-added business model, microtransactions can be expected. Buying a premium account can increase your income and reduce your training. You can also buy advanced tanks to further enhance your experience and credit income. The most controversial microtransaction is the issue of gold ammunition, also known as advanced ammunition. Earlier, you could buy special ammunition to increase penetration, but only if you were willing to pay. This situation was later changed, allowing players to also choose to buy gold bullets with in-game credits. Over the years, with the introduction of thicker armor, sometimes only a much more expensive variant of ammunition can cause any harm.

The gameplay is very solid, each battle has its own route. For a game often called “arcade”, this game has more advancements and mechanics than many complete online games. Although the break-in time is deliberately exaggerated, there is still some satisfaction in trying to win and unlock a new tank. I am pleased to announce that my biggest concern (advanced ammunition) will be redone in 2019. Players who have been around for many years are likely to have millions of credit points left, which gives them a clear advantage and can afford premium bombs without blinking. For a new player, the cost is quite heavy, and you have to weigh the profits and losses. This is something a battle game should never do, but it does seem to be brewing changes.

At the best time, “World of Tanks” is an amazing game, you can spend a few minutes or even hours. As War Thunder brings some real competitive genres, Wargaming (developer) will need to maintain high-quality content flow and solve some of the main issues surrounding the game’s business model. For games released in 2010, Wargaming has proven that you don’t need a huge AAA studio to create, maintain, or even add new content behind you, while maintaining a reasonable level of micro-transactions. “World of Tanks” is a perfect example, the gameplay, progress and attention to detail are better than gorgeous graphics and movie scenes.


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