“War Thunder” is a sea, land and air war simulator, which is characterized by hundreds of vehicles across 9 countries. In most battles, 32 players are divided into 2 groups, playing in different maps and game modes. You started with biplanes, tanks, and ships during World War I, and developed into modern war machines. The game was originally released in 2012. With regular updates and the continuous addition of new vehicles, maps, and even modes, such as the recently joined naval battles, the game is getting stronger and stronger. When the game was first released, you could only enter air combat, but later developed to include tank battles and naval battles, ground forces and naval battles, including player-controlled air battles.

From the moment you step into the game, War Thunder begins to build a carefully crafted experience around you. There are different locations and environments on the map, which in turn will affect which tactics perform best. The urban environment is conducive to highly maneuverable vehicles, which can quickly enter and exit the bunker for side-wing movement. Rural maps are often characterized by long lines of sight and few obstructions. Tanks that can be hit hard with powerful frontal armor will perform well here, because the flanks will be much harder. Fighting is never the same, even the most scary vehicles are dangerous, but not invincible. “War Thunder” is an exciting war simulator, where there are many moments to grind your teeth, but tactics, positioning and teamwork are equally important and equally effective.

Vehicles, whether they are biplanes, fixed-wing planes, tanks or ships, have been carefully designed. The details including tools and helmets are impressive. Although they have no effect on gameplay, they can make you immersed in War In the world of Thunder.

The picture, audio and immersion are perfectly and harmoniously combined to create an addictive & unforgettable experience.

The feature of the game is that whether you are playing aerial, land, or naval games, there is a good picture. The vehicles in these modes have impressive attention to detail. I never encountered the problem of low frame rate in War Thunder. Of course, if you need it, you can choose to lower the graphics option.

Although the battles are generally conducted during the day, it should be said that the battles at dusk and night can really show the charm of the game engine. When you see how realistic the light reflected from the water source looks, you will be involuntarily moved. Audio is another area that is often overlooked, but it is an important part of the game’s immersion. Each car has a unique sound. Different tanks, planes and ships have different sounds when towing, floating or flying to the battlefield. Each gun has its own metal roar, because it sends death and destruction to your enemies. This is a balance between picture, audio, gameplay, map design and progress.

Nothing can excite me more than the sound of a 10-ton monster. With the roar of metal, the tank shells filled with explosives are sent into the range. Each element fits together to create an unforgettable experience. The terrain graphics are above average, but the incredible attention to vehicle detail really adds to the finishing touch of an already impressive experience.

Each game mode has 3 different modes, all of which are based on goals. The main difference is the type, no matter what type of player you are, you should find a mode that suits you. Arcade battles usually have a faster rhythm and the battle ends faster. Realistic battles (RB) removes the enemy’s nameplate. It has more realistic physics, the damage model is not tolerant, and there is no penetration mark. RB is generally performed at a slower pace, where positioning, tactics, movement and concealment will play a greater and more important role in winning. Simulator battles is the hardest mode. Vehicles are limited to their real-world speed, and having no name tag means that you will need to spot enemy vehicles directly. You also need to be careful not to shoot friendly vehicles. You can only use the first-person camera mode, which means you will not be able to use the third-person camera to observe objects or corners.

Whether you are playing Arcade, Realistic or Simulator battles, the combination of tightly polished gameplay, excellent attention to detail and immersive audio will only increase the overall experience. War Thunder brought me the most exciting sea, land, and air battles I have ever experienced. Everything is in one package, and it should be noted that this package is free, but it is very immersive in many ways. From huge explosions, clouds and all-round crazy battles, everything adds to the experience. If the simulated war game is your dish, “War Thunder” is your dish.


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