“The Wolf Among Us” is based on the “Fable” series of comic novels, and the characters are from every fairy tale, myth or legend you have heard. Hundreds of years ago, the characters of these fables fled their homes and hid here in our world. Fear of exposing their true identities to us “common people”, they hide very consciously in a corner of New York. The Bigby wolf-his snorting and blowing down houses-acted as the sheriff of the Fable Town, trying to maintain peace in a community where the normal rules did not apply. Seriously, how to deal with the marital quarrel between Beauty and the Beast?

“Faith”, the first chapter of “The Wolf Among Us”, walked directly to this uncommunicated house and lost a corpse on the front steps.

As Bigby, your investigation of the murder and the victim will reveal the dark truth of the new life of the fable in our world and the secret of the fable community. Vague, I know, but I don’t want to ruin the many surprises of any chapter. Most of The Wolf Among Us is driven by dialogue choices, and the character will remember your reaction to certain situations. The decisions you make will change the way the game develops, and even small interactions such as lending someone a little money will add weight.

Bigby is a very physical animal, so it is expected that you will enter some battles through fast time events during your investigation. The control of these scenes is a little awkward at first because it is not immediately clear what you should do. It’s not always obvious whether you did the right move, but there is plenty of room for maneuver in the scene, you messed up a few times, and there is still a way to end things, they mean.

In a fight with the woodcutter, it was the guy who rescued Little Red Riding Hood. I was not entirely sure if I was tossed across the room if I nailed the control prompt or missed it, but the battle ended with me as the winner , So obviously my QTE is done correctly. In “Faith”, there are only a few such incidents scattered throughout the “Faith”, but you will master them before the end of the two-hour plot.

Quick events make some high-adrenaline sequences, but waiting for the prompt on the screen means you have to remove your eyes from the gorgeous animation. “The Wolf Among Us” is dazzling with its super-saturated colors and thick black lines, reminiscent of graphic novels, but it is a blatant copy/paste art style. But pretty is pretty. The key to “the Wolf Among Us” is the voice acting.

Turning a human character into a human is great, all, but when you can make it feel completely normal in a conversation with a talking toad, you really did something…well, magic. Bigby and a huge talking pig-worthy of being one of the three little pigs-discussing the scenes of his life choices should be very ridiculous, but due to the input of the voice actors, it is really quite sharp .

In addition to the unique occupational hazards, Bigby has more selfish thoughts to follow him. He and the Fable Clan have a lot of history and are bad things. Although everyone obtained immunity when they fled their homes, the Fable Clan has a long life and they are not easy to be forgiven. Unable to get rid of the courage to succumb to his own nature, Bigby still has a clear desire to correct the allegory, which makes him a charming protagonist of “Wolves Among Us”. Even in “The Walking Dead”, it is very easy to pick a moral concept for Lee and stick to it, but it is not so clear on Bigby.

“Faith” is the perfect beginning of Telltale’s new adventure. It effortlessly draws you into it and lets you invest in protecting these curious creatures in our storybook. Bigby is not an ordinary legal worker, but in this case, you will not want others to deal with it.

The last thing, fable fans, regarding the ending, I ask you not to break it. According to Telltale, “We are working with Bill Willingham” “Yes, this is an orthodox story” You can start crazy now.


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