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Entering “TrackMania 2” is a very simple matter. The single player game consists of 65 tracks, most of which are unlocked by winning medals. You load a track, start your engine, and then continue to play until you set a time you are satisfied with.

If you are only interested in chasing points, thi[……]

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Split/Second, a racing game developed by Black Rock Studio, has gained cult status on the previous generation of consoles. Split/Second combines arcade-style racing with huge, destructive explosions to form an addictive and thrilling racing game that will let you hold corners, compete for positions,[……]

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Ridge Racer Unbounded has a strong sense of speed. Some games, such as the “Burnout” series of games, almost move too fast, causing drivers to often exceed their goals or hit the wall. Here, I always feel that I can fully control myself. In other words, you may have a hard time competing with the en[……]

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Horizon Chase Turbo was the first PC work, and until recently it was a racing series of smartphones and tablets. Your goal is to get the first place in the car sprint. This is not an open world; instead, you have to race through 109 straight tracks that are scattered in several countries, including[……]

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Creating a racing game that can skillfully navigate between pure arcade action and hard-core simulation is an extremely difficult task, because developers may alienate fans of both game styles. However, Playground Games successfully completed this task again in some way, this time for Forza Horizon[……]

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