Split/Second, a racing game developed by Black Rock Studio, has gained cult status on the previous generation of consoles. Split/Second combines arcade-style racing with huge, destructive explosions to form an addictive and thrilling racing game that will let you hold corners, compete for positions, and shoot down giant jets until late at night. If you are looking for a PC racing game that is not aimed at the “Top Gear” crowd, “Split/Second” is a desktop game you want in the Steam game library.

The main charm of Split/Second is its multi-level PowerPlay system, which allows you to kill opponents who seek fame and fortune. You can earn PowerPlay points by driving purposefully. Skillful containment, drifting and jumping will fill the multi-level instrument. When at least one layer is filled, when the opponent’s racer drives near a specific environment, you can detonate them-you will know what you can destroy by the appearance of blue icons near specific objects in the environment, and when to destroy. When you launch a PowerPlay attack, you will find that the helicopter that has been hovering overhead will throw a bomb at your opponent, which is very satisfying. In other words, timing is the key. You don’t want to blow yourself up after starting a powerful game.

If you run out of power game billing tables, Split/Second allows you to choose to cause a catastrophe. Representative red icons appear less frequently than blue icons, but high-level PowerPlays may release a truly impressive slaughter. For example, I activated a red PowerPlay in the last place, and then happily watched a giant jet crash on the tarmac, eliminating all the drivers in front of me.

However, keep in mind that your seven opponents have the same capabilities, so you need to pay attention to the road and the environment at all times. Note: When you turn away from the enemy’s powerhouse at the last minute, your powerhouse watch will also be filled a little. Using this, you can quickly turn to danger and then leave to fill your electricity meter.

PowerPlays has a second purpose. They can be used to change the environment. Sometimes this is the result of environmental damage. For example, detonating a parked tanker will change the track, block the previously accessible area, and open a new area. PowerPlays can also open shortcut keys, so you can shorten the time.

These shortcuts have also proved to be very convenient, because Split/Second has some of the most blatant games I have ever seen in a racing game that use rubber band AI. Once you go beyond the first few games, the competition becomes very difficult to abandon. If you crash in the first position, you may be the last in the countdown of those few seconds. At first, Split/Second’s artificial intelligence troubled me, but then I realized that its ability to keep cars competitive is a positive factor. If you can eliminate opponents with smart driving and PowerPlays, the game will become a breeze and boring. As it is now, Split/Second’s artificial intelligence ensures a tight game and chaos from start to finish.

You can judge how far you are behind by positioning the placement level below your car. I like that it’s located near your vehicle, so you don’t have to shift your eyes from other areas of the screen to other areas. In fact, the HUD of “Split/Second” is very simple, not even a speedometer. The PowerPlay gauge and the occasional clock showing the distance between you and the next racer are also located near your car. Of course, no map is needed because the road is constantly changing.

These cars have different attributes. Some acceleration rates are staggering, but when hit by an explosive shock wave, it is easy to crumple and be pushed out of orbit. Others are incredibly durable, but have problems when embracing corners. Therefore, it is important to conduct experiments until you find a car suitable for the track.

In addition to standard races, you can also drive a car in various modes. For example, the mission of the air attack mode is to drive the car to the destination area while avoiding the missiles launched by the helicopter. The “survival” mode allows you to sprint towards the target, while facing the time limit and a series of trucks throwing explosive barrels on the road. These side missions make an interesting diversion in the main game.


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