Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a heart-wrenching movie that tells the story of Laura’s journey through the grasslands and underground worlds of the modern homeland of ancient Central American culture. Developers Eidos-Montréal and Crystal Dynamics redefine Lara Croft in the final part of their origin series, abandoning her iconic double-pistols and turning her from a helpless orphan to a tough tomb Female adventurer, she must stop the upcoming Mayan Apocalypse. This transformation will take you on a journey, providing exciting platform actions in the story, making you want to stop. Shadow of Tomb Raider ended Laura’s early life in a satisfying way, but narrative and performance issues prevented this action-adventure game from reaching the same height as the previous series.

After a huge storm crashed her plane, Lara entered Cozumel, Mexico. When Laura wriggled during the celebration of the Day of the Dead, she pushed away the heartbroken mothers and husbands and traced the trail of the Trinity, the organization that killed Laura’s father. While appreciating an ancient world full of secrets, she accidentally kicked off the end and witnessed the devastating consequences of the flood and fire.

You can use the base camp to freely explore the semi-open world of Shadow of Tomb Raider, allowing you to travel quickly on the map. The hub is a settlement inhabited by NPCs, and they tell sad stories of homes destroyed by disaster. As you explore different hubs, you can perform auxiliary tasks to help those desperate citizens. The most impressive hub is Patiti, a hidden city that recreates the splendid Eldorado city in reality rather than the splendid Central America. When you try to stop the Mayan Apocalypse, the story begins.

The single-player campaign in Shadow of Tomb Raider is a fascinating journey that you can complete in about 20 hours. There are about six or seven hours of content after the game, but this is mainly about discovering and challenging the tomb and completing the side missions that are full of the world. In the end, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” does not have a lot of replayability, so you can complete it in about 30 hours.

In a typical series style, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” is characterized by the intertwining of platform movements and fire fighting. However, in the latest adventure, our gunner hero fully accepted her dark side while sneaking in the muddy jungle. In fact, she relies more on stealth mechanisms than ever before. Almost every combat part can be solved without firing a shot.

You move naturally and easily in the environment, just like the jaguar you defeated and peeled off the skin early in the game, you can reuse its fur as armor. You can jump off the edge of the cliff, swing from the branches, and grab the swing in the harsh world. Although only certain ledges can be climbed, and more or less set a path for you, the feeling of platformization is still exploratory. It also highlights Laura’s more courageous and dangerous actions than ever before.

Your main weapons are a bow and knife, but you can use submachine guns, shotguns, and hip pistols while participating in the fight. When you pull the bow away, the tight bow trembles in the pulled fingers, waiting patiently to release arrows to the enemy. Firearms also have a precise feeling. The bullets from the shotgun have a heavy rebound, and the submachine gun kills the enemy. Through skill upgrades, you can improve Laura’s weapon control.

You can use the materials and salvages collected from the jungle to upgrade Laura’s weapons, and use the skill points gained from XP accumulated in the adventure to unlock new abilities. You can get net XP by stealth killing, collecting salvage, killing wild animals, discovering cultural relics, learning languages, etc.

There are three branches of skills. Scavenger, Warrior and Seeker. Scavenger gives several survivability, including Caiman’s Breath, this skill can increase Lara’s lung capacity when swimming underwater. Rapoza’s Threat is a warrior skill that provides headshot assistance. Eagle’s Talon is Seeker skill that allows Laura to string up enemies on the tree for stealth kills. The choice of your skills will affect the gameplay, turning Laura into a gun warrior or an invisible jungle assassin.

Simply put, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” is a gorgeous game. The ancient ruins of Central America that ruled the lush jungle are rendered shocking and lifelike, and those movie-like chase fragments that see you going beyond the mudslides or helicopters equipped with Gatling guns are breathtaking movie moments.

“Shadow of the Tomb Raider” continues the long-term trend of “Tomb Raider”, showing the huge difference between the cut scene Laura and the model in the game. Laura in the editing scene is very expressive, rich in emotion, and shockingly human. However, her model in the game has a stone face. This is especially puzzling, because NPC’s in-game models tell their stories with emotional tenderness.

On the bright side, the sound design is impressive. The real rhythm beats throughout the game, and behind the extraordinary picture, the anxiety needed to haunt the deadly jungle. In addition to the score, the background music also includes roaring from snake tongue-shaped undead, which is pure fuel for nightmares.

Like other Tomb Raider works, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” lets you visit Laura’s childhood home-Croft Manor. However, this time, you can only experience it through the eyes of young Laura, because details about her past are revealed. If you look forward to returning to the classic Croft Manor training level, you will be very disappointed.

However, the glorious tradition of puzzle solving in the Croft family runs throughout the game. The production of each puzzle is very complicated, it is a deliberate consideration of the story and level design. For example, in the Eye of the Serpent phase, you must find a way to manipulate the water level in the crypt to turn the wheels that open the door of the chamber-while avoiding undead enemies. These puzzles are not easy, but finding the missing part that has been overlooked for a long time, or the last step, is one of the best and most satisfying feelings in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

“Shadow of the Tomb Raider” is an unforgettable journey. It explores the concept of loss and responsibility for the overall situation, and humanizes Laura in an unprecedented way. Although this is an extremely interesting game, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” did not meet expectations in several ways. The most obvious is Croft Manor’s lack of important gameplay, and the almost unplayable performance I occasionally encountered on my gaming laptop. However, Laura’s decisive moment is still depicted with breathtaking movie details, exploring her process of becoming a tomb raider, completing the trilogy of origin.


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