Ridge Racer Unbounded has a strong sense of speed. Some games, such as the “Burnout” series of games, almost move too fast, causing drivers to often exceed their goals or hit the wall. Here, I always feel that I can fully control myself. In other words, you may have a hard time competing with the enemy’s artificial intelligence, which manages nearly flawless driving. This exacerbates every mistake you make and adds unnecessary stress to the game, which weakens the fun of the game to a certain extent.

Ridge Racer Unbounded has a wide range of cars, from ultra-lightweight sports cars to powerful retro muscle cars, each with different speeds, acceleration, handling, strength and drift capabilities. Of course, these cars are unlicensed, because when you do bulldozers in the city, they will be absolutely destroyed-car manufacturers are reluctant to see their luxury mounts destroyed in the form of video games.

These cars are gorgeous, just like the dense urban environment in which they race. Many areas of Shatter Bay are high-detail and destructible locations, and some beautiful lighting effects just attract you to one more game. When you start “Ridge Racer Unbounded”, you can only choose one car and one zone, but the other zones will be unlocked as you accumulate collateral damage points. These points are collected by plowing anything but solid brick walls.

However, there are some bright structures that you would normally not plow through-such as the brick wall mentioned above-until you build your power meter, which serves as a speed-up and cool accompanying light trail. Not only can you cause tremendous damage to the environment and get high scores by lightning through shops to reveal alternative routes or ramps, but you can also knock other vehicles away in a dramatic way (“frags”), which It is the style of “Burnout”. The debris-in addition to capturing the large air and destroying the structure-can also give you additional power meter points.

City Creator is a new feature of the series, allowing players to design and name tracks. An easy-to-use game tool allows you to drop track parts on the grid and then fill the track with ramps, sand pits and other obstacles. I met some really creative tracks, ramps and obstacles everywhere, and many opportunities for explosions.

Some options let you choose the style of the game, such as Frag Attack, Domination, etc., the time of day, the number of vehicles, the vehicle level, etc. After creating your own city, you can share it online. One disadvantage here is that you cannot upload the track until you have built 6 racing events in the city. This is really a rogue.


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