Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most impressive graphical works. It is also one of the best action games of this generation. One year after the game console was first released, Rockstar Games finally brought this masterpiece to the PC. After encountering many technical problems during the initial launch, “RDR2” can now mostly run on schedule. RDR2 is a must-have title, arguably the best and truest open world epic released by Rockstar Games.

Like the title, “RDR2” is a story about the death of the Old West. You want to control Arthur Morgan, who belongs to an illegal organization called the “Vanderlind Gang”. Arthur spent most of his life in the gang, and he had fantasies about the lifestyle of the desperate. However, Arthur still couldn’t see what he could do other than steal and kill.

Although every member of Vanderlinde Gang is fully realized, Morgan is easily the most human character that appears in the Rockstar title. You will devote to this morally murky person and share his victory and tragedy.

You have undertaken many major story tasks, which can take more than 60 hours to complete. This is before the end, it can extend the narrative for another 10-15 hours. These tasks include robbing a running train, soothing an out-of-control horse, participating in a fierce fight, or getting drunk with a companion. The main task is completely entertaining and always unique.

The map is filled with side quests that are as attractive as the main quest. Some appear in fixed locations, while others occur randomly. Random feeder tasks almost always happen along the road. These tasks are as varied as the main task, and the tasks involved include stopping the kidnapper or helping a person with a snake bite. These side missions are worth a try because they sometimes provide more stimulation than the main missions.

In addition to the above two types of tasks, you can also participate in many types of extracurricular activities. You can fish, hunt rare animals, play blackjack, drink alcohol, etc. These activities are a good way to obtain cash and enhance Arthur’s natural characteristics, such as his endurance and endurance. Money is especially important to ensure that you always have a healthy reserve of bullets, medicines and other supplies. All tasks and activities, whether exciting or ordinary, will draw you into the incredible details of Rockstar’s mythology of the old west.

When you are not shooting enemies or taming horses, “RDR2” can be a quiet and serene experience. Civilization is scarce, so you will spend a long time alone in the wilderness. Nevertheless, shootouts can happen at any time. You find bunkers behind natural and man-made objects and assault opponents from relatively safe places. The weapon automatically locks the enemy, so as long as you move the aiming grille slightly above the target chest, you can easily get a headshot. In addition to using .45 caliber pistols and rifles, you can also destroy enemies by throwing explosives and homemade incendiary bombs.

The locking mechanism works well most of the time, so it’s easy to bombard a whole wave of enemies without much effort. However, when you are on horseback, the situation is different. Moving and changing terrain makes it very difficult to get clear shots. Although you can enter the options and disable automatic locking, it is clear that the game design is based on the premise of locking. Free aiming feels too loose and inaccurate.

The animation of Red Dead Redemption 2 is smooth and realistic. Unfortunately, this realism sometimes affects gameplay. Arthur felt heavy, thanks to his slow and careful animation. It is almost impossible to cancel one action and jump to another. If Arthur is opening a drawer, you must wait for him to complete the animation cycle before moving him. Therefore, you cannot kill enemies in quick succession unless you use the slow-dead blind-eye ability to help you line up to shoot. The dead-eye fuel is provided by the supply table, so you can’t simply spell bullet-like moves to win.

In addition to the improvement of the screen, one of the biggest benefits of PC is that “Red Death Online” (RDO) can be used from the beginning. The RDO story involves a widow who rescues the character created by your player from prison so that she can kill the murderer who killed her husband. This story serves as an introduction to RDO, but if you have passed the single player campaign, you will be fully prepared for RDO.

Red Death Online uses the same open world as the single player game. Therefore, you participated in many of the same activities. The biggest highlight is that you can do it with others. There are many modes tailored for competitive players, such as RDO’s free competition and team death competition versions. The cooperative mission is a mini story tailored for the group of four. Free roaming allows you to do whatever you want, whether it’s drinking in a bar, robbing a bank, or picking rare herbs in the woods. Just be aware that other players can and will shoot when they see you.


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