Night In The Woods is an adventure game focused on exploration, stories and characters. In a lush and vibrant world, there are dozens of characters that can be recognized and there are many things to do. Break things, play bass, hang out, walk on the wire, jump between the roofs and find strange and terrible things that you never ask. Go home and waste your life at Possum Springs.

Possum Springs is where Mae spent most of his life. Because of this, it feels natural to explore, because although this town used to be familiar, it has become very strange in the past two years since she left. Jobs in the mining and manufacturing industries have all been exhausted, and local stores that used to be institutions have been closed, replaced by national corporate retailers.

So this not only makes sense in narrative, but also introduces the town to players who have no connection with Mae. As you explore, you also begin to better understand who Mae is and how she once integrated into this place. You also understand that the space she once occupied seems to no longer exist.

Her friends and family have been adapting to these changes. Her mother worked as a receptionist in a local church, while her father lost the factory job, but now works at the deli counter in a large supermarket chain. Her friends now have jobs, plans for the future, and responsibilities. These are things that Mae is completely lacking.

In the game, there is a gimmick throughout, people call Mae “children”. Although this is just a joke, it actually tells a very profound truth, that is Mae. This is not just that these people do not regard her as an adult, but that she is not an adult.

Being an adult is not just what you become, or what you keep after you reach that point. On the contrary, I think the point I want to express in this game is what I agree with, that is, it is a state of being responsible for myself. This is an understanding that the actions you take will have an impact on yourself, those around you, and possible communities.

Mae continually communicates with the people in the town, they make choices, not because this is what they want, but because it is something that needs to be done. They have the responsibility for this decision.

And Mae is evading this responsibility, just like she is escaping from university. Ironically, where she ran, she would have to become an adult earlier than staying in school. The game is not completely judged or sympathetic to Mae, there is an understanding that she is trying to solve some things. If the game takes longer than the one or two weeks in the game, I can see that there is less understanding and more encouragement in the game, so that she can take responsibility.


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