In Need for Speed ​​Heat, tense chases are common, and not all chases end with escape. The latest work in this long-running Need For Speed ​​(NFS) racing game series reproduces some of the advantages of the previous works, including fascinating pursuits, rich car customization options, and attractive arcade-style racing mechanisms. “Heat” also has a more suitable background and story than the previous game, tapping the racing spirit inspired by the adrenaline that defines its most successful predecessor.

In the single player battle at NFS Heat, you started as a newcomer to the fictional Palm City, a huge, Miami-inspired place with a brutal police department determined to fight street racing. Unwavering, you team up with a pair of siblings. Anna, a fellow street racer, and Lucas, an auto mechanic with several garages, at the beginning of the movement. As you might expect, as you progress, the tension and risk between the police and the racer increase. Most of the stories are relegated to the secondary position of racing action, and the dialogue is not brilliant, but the simplified narrative framework of Heat is much better than the twisted action racing plot of NFS Payback.

NFS Heat brings a whole new dynamic to the series; players can now choose between Day and Night modes every time they leave the garage instead of a full day and night cycle. Approved game activities are conducted during the day and reward you with bank and game currency. Illegal street racing happens at night, these events will reward you with Rep (points, used for Heat’s leveling mechanism). The police will appear during the day and night, but once the sun goes down, they will be more active.

Daytime activities are straightforward, including sprints, ring games, time trials and drift games. I played this game on a medium difficulty setting and didn’t find the early game very challenging. However, as the game progresses, the level of NPC players has improved. Pay attention to the recommended car level for each event, because the lower your car is, the harder it is to win the event. It should be noted that you cannot repeat the game endlessly and get the same monetary reward. After repeating it a few times, the cash reward amount will start to decrease.

The police generally played at night. Patrol officers often interfere in the game, but sometimes they will wait at the finish line, ready to chase with the winner. These events have low cash rewards, but they are usually a safe way to earn Rep, rather than trying to start and run away from a large-scale pursuit.

The police are now roaming Palm City freely and can come and hunt you at any time. Pursuit combines the mechanisms of several Need for Speed ​​in the past.

The chase of the police seems to be more difficult than in the past few years. It seems that the player’s vehicle will also be disproportionately damaged by the police hitting you instead of hitting them. One way to resist damage is to drive past the gas station to repair the car. But you need to use these repairs wisely, because you only have three opportunities per night. If you are not in the mood to work hard with law enforcement, you can also bribe the police with a small amount of cash at the beginning of the pursuit. In urban areas, if you brake hard in front of the water, sometimes the police will drive directly into the bay. It is a pity that there are no chasing flaws. I waited patiently one day, and I could use the overturned water tower to crush the police car to end the chase.

You must successfully return to the safe house to receive all the delegates you obtained during the night meeting. If the police arrest you, or if you destroy your car, you will lose most of the representatives you earn and must pay a fine. As your delegate level increases, you will unlock new activity-centric activities, new cars and better upgraded parts. Your heat level is reset every night.

NFS Heat does include some multiplayer game options, but they are not very compelling. Basically, if you choose an online game, the game will load the same map as other free players. You can participate in competitions, join a party, and start a large-scale pursuit, but in fact there is not much structure.

In NFS Heat, before you choose a starter car, you choose a playable character; there are 12 models to choose from. At any time in the game, you can customize your character’s hair, clothes, and shoes, or switch characters completely. Your custom character will appear in the cut scene of the entire game, including the victory at the end of the game and the battle mission. The character’s facial animation and behavior look slightly unnatural, but the voice actors seem to be different. In any case, compared with the lifeless, rigid characters that were forced to play Ty, Mac, and Jess in the previous game, the ability to choose and customize characters in this game is a huge improvement.

Players can choose one of three entry-level cars: the 65-year Mustang, the 88-year BMW M3 Evolution II, and the 96-year Nissan 180SX Type X. You won’t want to stick to any of them for a long time, because the game provides The purchase of about 130 cars.

Different categories will affect different car statistics. You can also choose to display the actual performance statistics of a car, such as its 0-60 acceleration time or maximum speed. Once you reach a certain level of representation, you can even fully upgrade the car’s engine to greatly improve its performance. This is very useful when you want to keep your car competitive later. Heat’s control options allow you to set up your car according to your preferences. I find the options centered on grip and drift feel natural and satisfying.


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