The well-known video game designer Hideo Kojima first revealed “Metal Gear Solid Rising” at the Microsoft E3 press conference in 2009 (this game later became “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeanceance)-about half of the life cycle of the previous generation of consoles, when it was called “Metal Gear: Rising” Four years later – for eternal fans of metal gear – the game has finally arrived on the console, but there are many changes. With a new title, Platinum Games took over the development task from Kojima Production Company, and the gameplay also lost many stealth elements, and instead adopted high-paced sword moves.

It is these plot characters, sci-fi technology in the era of great weapons, codec calls, cardboard boxes, unnecessary splits and military themes that give Revengeanceance the Metal Gear touch. Raiden, the long-talking protagonist who replaced the main force of the series Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, is the protagonist of Revengeanceance, and he is essentially a different character. The new Raiden has a high-frequency energy sword, electromechanical devices, and darker behavior. He is a futuristic warrior-like warrior, working for a private military company, Maverick.

His mission was to protect an African politician traveling in a convoy, but when a rival private military company kidnapped V.I.P. storytelling, that’s all you need to know to avoid entering the saboteur field. In other words, the storyline of “Revengeanceance” is the same as the previous “Metal Gear Solid” game, and there are also surprises. The story of this game is much simpler than the intricate titles in the main series, which is good for it.

Revengeanceance’s two-button sword-based battle is driven by Platinum Games’ iconic and stylish action. When you click the corresponding button, the basic light and heavy blade attack will cut the enemy, but when you change the input, a truly amazing combination will appear. For example, three consecutive light attacks and three severe attacks have very different effects. Mixing attack powers together, and even pausing between button inputs, will produce additional actions that turn Raiden into a control silver whisker. Raiden can not only cause slash damage, but also slash damage, which is the core of the game.

“Blade Mode” is the defining combat feature of “Revengeanceance”, which is basically bullet time and blade. Blade mode moves the camera closer to the target, allowing you to make ultra-precise cuts and cut off the entire limb. According to Platinum Games, programming in physics is a challenge, but the results are impressive. For example, beveling the enemy’s torso in blade mode will cause the upper half to slide down in the appropriate direction. In fact, computer artificial intelligence is programmed to “really” respond to injuries. Remove the enemy’s legs, he may crawl with you, or if he still has a gun, he will shoot. It is very interesting to dissect the many technology-enhanced mooks in the game, but tearing the Metal Gear’s outer armor at hundreds of feet is one of the most thrilling and satisfying moments in the action game. The massacre left behind you is both impressive and heart-wrenching.

The newly added “Zengeki” option allows you to choose the cutting method you want. Set “Zengeki” to the highest, you can cut, cut, cut, cut, and cut again. In fact, you can cut the enemy into tiny pieces close to the powder. If you have a high-end graphics card, True Grid will make you feel like a more deadly destroyer. If you have a mid-range GPU, you may see the game’s frame rate drop when many enemy fragments stay on the screen. On the topic of graphics, “Revengeanceance” runs at 1080p, but the resolution of the game has an upper limit-you can’t increase it.

Blade mode has its own fuel cell meter, it will decrease with your use, but you can slowly charge by performing combination and “Zendatsu”. The latter technique can be performed in blade mode if you defeat an enemy and expose its core. Then, you can tear the enemy’s fuel cell to replenish your health and blade table, and continue the high-energy battle. Even if you are constantly replenishing your Blade Mode table, it will never feel broken. As a cyber ninja villain, you should run over Blade Feed relatively easily.

Having said that, I still hope that more important items can be cut. Although you can cut many accompanying environmental elements, the main items such as walls can only be cut if the game allows it.

Revengeanceance, fortunately, it will toss big bad guys every once in a while, and it’s fun to fight. The “Metal Gear” series is known for its outrageous villains, while Platinum is known for its outrageous character design, so combining the two will produce some truly unique action moments. The boss character has unique power and attack patterns, making up the best rogue gallery since “Ninja Scrolls”. Consider this question. The most common boss type enemies are metal gears, which you will fight in the first few minutes of the game. The obtained boss weapons, grenades, rocket launchers and other destruction tools constitute your secondary weapons and secondary weapons. Unfortunately, there is a boss weapon that is so effective that there is no real need to switch to any other weapon. When you find it, you will know.

The direction of movement is superb. Raiden fights atop buildings, trains, and other interesting environments, but the location of the camera and incredible moments have brought Revengeance from a very good action game to an excellent action game. I’m not the biggest supporter of fast events, but when you use a sword to repel the attack of a Metal Gear, throw it into the air, and then cut it into pieces, all of this is done in a rising guitar sound and a tacky rock song, you can’t help smiling. Unfortunately, some of these sequences reduce the player’s ability to control, such as a gorgeous missile jumping sequence, which requires you to simply press and hold the Ninja Run button. I prefer to perform the missile jump myself, but I cannot deny that the things there are quite exciting.

Ninja Run is a technique that makes Raiden to sprint. It has no meter-as long as you want, you can Ninja Run, which has gained many advantages. Raiden automatically shifts the enemy’s gunshots as it moves, and can perform a dashing knife and perform a cunning slide motion to avoid it. Ninja Run also allows players to automatically perform parkour-like actions to overcome obstacles. In this case, it is actually a good thing to drop the player’s interaction, because it removes some silly platform elements that plague action games.

The more basic technique to master is the parabola. By pushing towards the enemy and clicking the light attack button to execute, the projectile is the key to setting the health bar consumption attack. You can even resist attacks from behind. This is very satisfying. And it is still improving. Effective combat can get BP, the game currency of “Revengeance”, which allows you to upgrade Raiden. With it, you can buy many improvements, including extending your health bar, buying a parabola in the air, etc.

The action becomes quite violent, which is related to one of my main complaints: sometimes the camera becomes bulky, especially if you are not locked to a specific character. Being knocked down on the screen and trying to collect your whereabouts is very frustrating because the enemy slams you from the camera. In some battles, I actually got a little dizzy and quickly rotated the camera.


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