Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. It’s the fourth major entry in the Mass Effect series, released in March 2017. The game is set in the 29th century, where humanity is planning to colonize new home worlds as part of a strategy called the Andromeda Initiative, within the Andromeda Galaxy.

You are playing Ryder, a colonist who left the Milky Way to find a new home in the Andromeda Galaxy. Unfortunately, things changed quickly because the target planet changed radically during 600 years of space travel. After going through a series of accidents, you were given the title of Pathfinder (Pioneer). Your mission is to find a hospitable world for the stranded pilgrims and let them settle down. Once you have been given a ship to command, you can freely follow the main story, solve the sub-quests, or search for resources on the planet.

Venture into new alien settlements and interact with NPCs as part of an immersive experience. Unfortunately, character animation is sometimes terrible, especially for humans. People’s animated movements twitch, reminiscent of the stop-motion technique used in old movies, and their eyes are lifeless, like fish, never seeming to pay attention to who they are talking to. And the eyes tend to move around constantly, giving the person you speak a shaky, anxious look. For alien races such as reptile Krogans, scaled Turians or burly Sararians, clumsy animations do not affect their performance. But humanoid races tend to look extremely unnatural at the best and funny robots at the worst. This often kills immersion because it feels like you are talking to a puppet.

Mass Effect. Andromeda strengthens its role-playing game elements through dialogue choices in the conversations. Andromeda does not focus on good or evil choices like the Paragon and Renegade systems in the previous games, but gives you more ambiguous choices. These choices represent feelings and emotions, not black and white morals. In some scenarios, you need to pay for one thing.

Mass Effect: Andromeda starts very slowly, but once you get a starship a few hours after the adventure, the game will open, allowing you to enjoy the sandbox created by Bioware. After properly introducing Kett Archon, who is the opposite character, and the mysterious ancient alien technology that both of you are competing for, the plot of the game is motivated, and the scale and excitement are improved. In addition to the main story and side quests, you can also perform character quests to enrich your crew’s backstory, so that they are more intimate than the friendly appearance at first glance. The science fiction story of Andromeda is pretty standard, but the warm feeling of “Star Trek” gives the game a cheerful nostalgia, which makes the predictable story more acceptable.

In Mass Effect, there are many hostile aliens in Andromeda, and they will send you to your maker without hesitation. In such a scenario, you abandon the dialogue option and let your gun speak. The firearm game is fairly standard at first glance; you have a basic shoulder camera for third-person shooting, and a cover system that is automatically activated when you are near a wall or roadblock. I prefer to have a dedicated cover button to fully control my actions, but the automatic cover system works well enough.


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