Mass Effect 3 is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and released in 2012. It’s the final installment of the Mass Effect trilogy. 

Set within the Milky Way Galaxy in 2186, where galactic civilization is invaded by a highly advanced machine race of synthetic-organic starships known as Reapers. It concludes the story of Commander Shepard, an elite human soldier who is tasked with forging alliances between species for the war.

At the beginning of Mass Effect 3, you will re-play the commander Jack Shepard. Compared with fighting a group of collectors in Mass Effect 2, his mission is much more critical. He wants to restore the order of the galaxy and save the destruction of the universe. Because guess what? The Reaper is not just a scary monster in a forgotten childhood nightmare, these things really exist. They are back, pointing you with cool weapons, and everything that connects you with the microbes in the nearby galaxy, and wipe out all the living things of organic life, replaced by a terrible smoke. Yes this is right.

You don’t want to provoke death, but that’s what Commander Jack Shepard in Mass Effect 3 has to do. He wants to build an ally in the galaxy to fight the death squad that is full of death everywhere. This is easier said than done, because “Mass Effect 3” brilliantly interweaves the elements of RPG into the overall battle, the mood and rhythm of war-Shepard must rely on his weapons and his tongue to mediate peace, only by winning the support of the other’s forces can you have a chance to challenge the bad guys. In the initial stage of the game, Shepard escaped from the earth, where he witnessed Reaper’s initial impact, and guided the Normandy back to Citadel, playing the peace messenger. If you are a hardcore RPG fan and get high game scores from dialogue and character building, you will love Shepard’s process of winning support among all aliens and uniting them against the dangers of survival.

After you start a new game from the main menu, an interesting feature immediately gives you a tailor-made “Mass Effect 3” experience-action fans can choose the first option, with a filtered path, to make the action sequence more outstanding, and those who like the essence of classic RPG games can choose the third option, spend less time in combat, spend more time dealing with countless characters in the game. The second option allows you to enjoy the original flavor of the game, which is also the option we chose for this evaluation. Will we go back and use the two previous options to play? Of course it will! This is another aspect of Mass Effect 3, its replay value. Given that “Mass Effect 3” provides a lot of twists, it is much more than the average game, but it is similar to “Dragon Age”. Depending on what you say or what you do, you can take the storyline into a completely different way. In contrast, others have not made the same choice. Mass Effect 3 leaves you with unlimited possibilities to reach your ultimate goal. This quality is unique and rare in modern games. This is also something that is difficult to successfully complete in game design.

You can also import your character from “Mass Effect 2” to “Mass Effect 3”, but remember that the choices you made in the first two games will ultimately determine the ending in the latest game. If you have never played “Mass Effect”, in the first stage of creating a new character, you will have to read every presented option, because your choice has considerable influence on the outcome of the game.

What is consistent with “Mass Effect 2” includes the weapon wheel – it is hardly affected. The power and character levels of conventional RPG elements are similar. Essentially, BioWare did not touch those things that worked very well, but corrected the elements that need to be adjusted slightly; what you think needs to be perfected in Mass Effect 2. For example, Commander Shepard’s movements have changed slightly, and his movements in Mass Effect 3 are more fluid and agile than in Mass Effect 2. With greater maneuverability, this is also very good for battle scenarios. The old mining mechanism has disappeared – good riddance! – and there are a large number of side missions to immerse you from the main storyline. However, side missions or missions are not as interesting as the previous two games, and prove to be a basically meaningless exercise. Given the game’s fascinating storyline, indulging in them can be a waste of time.


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