Horizon Chase Turbo was the first PC work, and until recently it was a racing series of smartphones and tablets. Your goal is to get the first place in the car sprint. This is not an open world; instead, you have to race through 109 straight tracks that are scattered in several countries, including Chile, China, Japan, South Africa, and the United States. Each country has multiple cities where you can spin your hot wheels. California’s racing locations include the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, each of which contains unique attractions. A total of 48 cities are available for competition, and 12 cups are available for request.

A successful racing theme is built on four pillars: satisfying speed, tight control, excellent cruise music and beautiful location. Horizon Chase Turbo speedup meets the requirements of each of the above. This is a gorgeous game; the picture dances between soft colors and cool neon lights, depending on whether you are driving during the day or night. In addition, the Horizon Chase Turbo uses a stylized flat polygonal appearance, making it free from the retro taste of sawtooth, clipping, and other visual defects of the 1990s polygons.

Thankfully, the cars in your garage are unlicensed. This may sound like a taboo in the era of Forza or Gran Turismo, but licensed cars may be dragged from the digital storefront when the license expires. This is a huge game saving problem. In the game, when you run against a gorgeous background, the cartoon, unbranded cars in the game look very cool.

The road you ride penetrates the sidelines of stylized towns, cities, and villages. If you are going to cut into San Francisco, you can expect to see the hills and the Bay Bridge in the distance, but don’t expect to drive to Market Street or pass the Moscone Center lightning. Although Horizon Chase Turbo is a PC game, its DNA lies in mobile games. Therefore, you should expect a simpler racing experience. If you often play pick-and-play games like “Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge” or “Top Gear”, then “Horizon Chase Turbo” belongs to your game library. You don’t need to struggle with gears, chassis and tires. In other words, you can unlock 12 body kit upgrades and more than 30 kinds of cars.

When you are racing on the track, you will see fuel tanks and blue tokens scattered on the game field. You should pick them up (by driving on them) because tokens will increase your score and fuel will increase your gasoline supply. Both are important pick-ups, but if you do not snatch the fuel, you will not be able to complete the game. That’s right, your car may be out of gas. This is something that simulates racing, not arcade racing.

You will also find the nitroglycerin icon on the track, allowing you to hit the turbo to get rid of or catch up with the pack. Fortunately, the use of turbocharging does not affect the gas consumption rate. In fact, if you burned all the fuel, but there is still turbocharging available, you can use the supercharging to move again. If you are close to the finish line, you may pick up a gasoline tank or complete the game.

In addition to the single-player campaign, Horizon Chase Turbo has a four-player local multiplayer mode. The game also supports a game board and keyboard, but a cool change is that two people can use the keyboard at the same time.

Horizon Chase Turbo is not a demanding game. Developer Aquiris Game Studio points out on the game’s Steam page that your gaming PC needs to include at least 2GHz Intel Core 2 dual-core CPU, Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU, 2GB memory, 500MB storage space, and Windows 7 operating system. Horizon Chase Turbo also supports Linux, MacOS and SteamOS.

The pixel resolution can be adjusted between 640×480 and 4K, and you can activate many graphics features, including 8X anti-aliasing and Vsync. I played the game at 1080p resolution and adjusted the visual settings higher, and I saw the game running at 60 frames per second.

Please note that when Horizon Chase Turbo was launched, it had a major problem that prevented some players from going beyond the start screen. I am one of them. To remedy this problem, I had to delete my save file so that the repair patch could be applied. This problem seems to be corrected because I have never encountered this problem since.


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