Heavy Rain is a game made by David Cage that unveils a dark fictional story of a serial murderer. The game successfully constructed a cruel aura that fits the theme and developed a set of credible characters in its world. However, the mechanics of the game often make people feel very cliché, and the performance of the game is not satisfactory in some aspects, such as the fidelity of voiceovers and graphics.

The story of “Heavy Rain” happened in an unnamed city intimidated by the runaway Origami killer, who specialized in kidnapping and murdering young boys. The origami killer drowned the victim in a few days and left a small origami man and an orchid on the body. In the game, you experience the plot through a series of interrelated narrative events through the eyes of four different characters. In most cases, the game makes the intersection of characters feel organic, even if important connections are not fully established until later. Every character’s motivation to stop origami killers is also reasonable.

The initial chapter of Heavy Rain puts you in the position of Ethan, who was a heartbroken father, and his remaining son Shaun was snatched by the Origami killer. The events of the game mainly revolve around the search for the identity of Shaun and the killer of Origami, but Ethan is at greatest risk. Suffering from guilt, he eagerly wants to be redeemed. With the passage of his son’s life, Ethan always seems to be on the verge of a complete breakdown of his mind and body.

All this feels like an interactive movie, but Quantic Dream is not a walking simulator, but a distortion is added to the control, designed to simulate body movements. You can still move your character, but instead of pressing the action button to open a door, you have to tilt the right joystick upward and rotate it clockwise. At other times, you will be prompted, if selected properly, will bring you closer to solving the case or avoiding critical blows. Of course, it is almost impossible to perfectly simulate such physical movements with traditional controllers. The controllers of “Heavy Rain” are often unable to do this, but when they do, it feels incredible, but it is a good one.

And this is not just a question of pressing the button when prompted. If you are not quick enough in some situations, your possible actions/cues will disappear, you will get less information than you want, or you will have a serious impact on your character in a decisive confrontation.

Indeed, your choices and decisions will have consequences and will eventually lead to divergent plot lines and endings. However, several of them present moral challenges. As Ethan went through the five tests set by the origami killer, they gradually became more violently upgraded, from walking around a live electrical conductor to self-dismemberment to the worst case. What would you do to save your son? The choice is yours. This really challenges the boundary between playing and doing. Your behavior has a serious moral meaning.


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