Like the previous series, “Forza Horizon 4” revolves around the fictional Horizon Festival, a noisy and rugged racing competition centered on young people. Last time, you played the organizer of the Horizon Festival at The Land Down Under; this time, you dabbled in various festival-related occupations in the UK and lived a Horizon life. The change of location provides convenience for different weather displays. It shows the new function of “Forza Horizon 4”-dynamic seasonal effect.

When you start Forza Horizon 4 for the first time, the game will guide you through different weather conditions through a tutorial. Green in spring, sunny in summer, beautiful leaves in autumn, and icy in winter. Seasonal changes are not just the application of new pictures, they make the world feel more vital than any previous Forza game.

For example, the scenic lake you whistled through in the spring, summer, and autumn seasons may freeze in winter, allowing you to drive on it as an alternate route. Similarly, the rain in spring can make the track muddy and make cornering difficult. The season changes every Thursday, so you won’t stay too long in a season. In addition, dynamic weather means that you can start the game under a clear sky and see the rain before you cross the finish line.

You can unlock the season by earning Influence, one of the two currencies in the game. The other is equipment-centric Credits. Influence like XP is obtained by participating in competitions, finding cars and successfully completing challenges. In fact, Influence, together with the new My Horizon Life event and fresh customization features, has caused racers to lean towards RPG elements more than ever.

Forza Horizon 4 is a more personal game. You are now advancing the game by exploring more than 25 “My Horizon Life” story lines. Each one of them represents different ways to spend in the game world, including road racing, drifting and stunt driving. Everything you do in these professional activities can gain influence, whether it is nailing stunts, taking pictures, or creating shareable car stickers or blueprint competition challenges. Even better, you are not locked in the “My Horizon Life” activity, you can jump to different activities at any time.

When you interact with an NPC or venture into a house, your character will also be seen. In “Horizon 4”, you can buy a house-as a hub for your virtual character’s action base. They each give different rewards, such as cars, fast travel options and character custom equipment.

Forza Horizon 4 is both an offline game and an online game, but thankfully, PlayGround Games did not force you to play against strangers.

When your Drivatar enters your friend’s game world, it will do the same. You can also form a team by teaming up with Drivatars and honk. With the right skill bonuses, cars in the fleet can help you accumulate influence at a faster rate, or discover items in the barn.

Barn Discovery is a rare car you find in barns scattered around. Some barns are easy to discover, while others require real exploration. Some barns find that they only appear in certain seasons, so you are encouraged to revisit the landscape when the temperature changes.

This online multiplayer game is even more powerful. In fact, PlayGround Games has created “Forza Horizon 4” into a synchronized world. In free roaming mode, you can challenge up to 72 other players on your server. Thankfully, all opponents who are not on your Xbox friends list will be ghosted to prevent grief.

The new gameplay in this series is the #ForzathonLive online event that takes place every hour, grouping you and other players in a session to get a comprehensive group score for an event, such as sailing in a drift zone or completing a dangerous jump. However, without the excitement of other open worlds of games, the #ForzathonLive event will quickly become tedious.

On the bright side, you can earn credits in #ForzathonLive, allowing you to buy exclusive vanity items and emoticons from the Forzathon store. If you are not in the mood to participate in the events that occur in #ForzathonLive, you can challenge others’ standard multiplayer competitions or participate in cooperative tasks.


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