Fortnite actually has two main game elements: one is the player and environment (PvE) setting called “Save the World”, and the other is the mode I reviewed, which constitutes the game’s flesh. Battle Royale mode. The Save the World model is currently expensive, but according to Epic Games, it will enter free games sometime in 2018.

The basic premise of each version is the same. You lead a group of defenders against a group of incoming Husks (zombies). This is a concept similar to what you might see in some parts of “Metal Gear Survive”, although I imagine it improves this concept.

On the other hand, Battle Royale is free to play. Battle Royale is an epic popular game mode that has replaced PUBG’s status in popular culture. Fortnite is also the most viewed game on Twitch. Of course, with this popularity, Fortnite has attracted all the annoying online celebrities associated with streaming and has spawned a new generation of gamers who follow their pace. You can try to ignore these gossips, but this excessive culture is common in games and communities.

At present, “Fortnite” has been launched on Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. If your device is compatible, you can install it directly. My guess is that Fortnite will be launched as a VR game next. Fortnite’s cross-game feature allows players to play against desktop, mobile, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch platforms.

If you’ve played Player Unknown’s Battlefield, Fortnite’s battle royale concept should be familiar. Your goal is to be the last person, pair, team or team to stand on. Survive as much as possible and knock down anyone who is in front of you. There are some differences, such as a completely different artistic style and Fortnite’s building system (more on these two later), but disappointingly, Epic Games did not make more differentiated games.

I can choose to try several different modes, such as Solo, Duo, Squad (team of four), Team (team of 20) and 50 vs 50. Fortnite has added a 20 player mode, so in future updates, the number and type of modes may change. I really appreciate the game’s quick battle. No matter which multiplayer mode I choose, it is usually added to the game in less than a minute.

The pre-match staging area is located on an island off the coast of the main map itself. It is very entertaining to peek at the panoramic view of the entire playable landscape from the side. At most, you have dozens of minutes to explore the island, test some mechanics, or just finalize your strategy before the battle begins. There is no bridge connected to the main map, so naturally, you will fly in a battle bus, which is a bright blue school bus with a huge balloon and a roaring sound system. Once you find a good foothold (preferably away from other players’ footholds), you will jump out and start a fast free fall. The physics of the game allows you to cover a considerable distance in any direction, so don’t worry that you will accidentally fall into the wrong area of ​​the map. Deploy your glider at any time to slow down your descent speed and soften your landing. Once you are close enough to the ground, it will automatically deploy.

After landing, you can take a moment to pack yourself up and enjoy the charming surroundings, but the calm will not last long. Shortly thereafter, a storm began to form. If you want to survive, you must start trekking in the direction of the storm eye. However, you also need to pay attention to other players. Destroy them if you can, or simply avoid being discovered. If you fall within the enemy’s line of sight or fall behind the storm, you will die quickly.

In some modes, there is an intermediate stage between life and death. In this stage, your character will be knocked down to the ground. In this state, you can only move by crawling, and cannot use any weapons or health packs. To restore vitality, a teammate must heal you. Needless to say, once you are knocked down, enemy players and the storm itself can easily kill you. In any case, once you die, the camera will switch to the perspective of your killer or teammate if you are in team mode.

Fortnite is very generous in the distribution of weapons. Almost every area I visit has at least one weapon available, although many areas have multiple weapons. Unlike PUBG, I can get a weapon in every round of the game. The only potential disadvantage of this richness is that the other players you meet will most likely also have a gun. Don’t try to use your axe to defeat an armed enemy, this will not have a good result. Try to hide or run away.

However, Fortnite’s shooting mechanism is very bad. Aiming, shooting and reloading all feel awkward. Even if you think you hit someone, the game may register it as a mistake. The closer you are to the enemy, the greater the chance of destroying the enemy. vice versa. If you can create a good distance between yourself and another player, they will be more difficult to hit you. PUBG has done better in this regard. Its weapons have obvious, accurate feeling and excellent sound. In summary, Fortnite rockets and grenades are very satisfactory to use.

One of Fortnite’s differentiating features is its construction mechanism. To make anything, you first need to search for resources. Almost everything you see on the map is destructible. Buildings, household appliances, rocks, trees and vehicles are just a few examples that you can destroy with an axe. Just cut off everything you see, don’t worry about energy exhaustion (your character doesn’t have any form of physical strength meter), don’t worry about picking up scattered materials, it will directly add them to your inventory, Very satisfied.

All resources are divided into three types: wood, brick and metal. But these differences are not just cosmetic. The structure made of metal is the strongest, followed by bricks, then wood. Although it is not particularly difficult to find any of these materials, weaker materials are more common. The use of higher-strength materials will also increase construction time, so if you are in danger, building a single wooden fence is the most effective way to protect yourself.

So what exactly can be built? Your preset choices include fences, square floors, ramps or stairs, pyramids and campfires. You can use any material to build these items, except for campfires. This is a special and difficult to find item, but in team mode, it is an effective way to heal yourself or teammates.

Fortnite makes it easy for you to build huge and complex structures in a very short time. You are only limited by your available resources. Even if you just search for material intermittently, this shouldn’t really work. The building system is easy to master. Just select the structure type, select the location, and click the build button. Don’t worry about misplaced items, because anything you build can be moved or modified.

There are obvious benefits to building structures, the most important of which is protection. For example, if someone shoots at you, it may be a good idea to build a barrier as a cover. If you are part of a larger team, you can combine resources to create a huge fortress. Buildings high enough can also serve as an effective watchtower. Be careful when building or searching. If someone attacks from behind, you may not be able to pull out your weapon in time. In addition, no matter what you build-a comfortable little shelter or a high haven-other players can destroy it. As I mentioned, everything is destructible.


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