The single-player campaign of For Honor tells of a disaster that caused the three warrior classes-Knights, Samurai and Vikings-to fight for a long time for food, water and other basic resources. A warlord named Apollyon believed that the factions were weak and he manipulated them into a greater war. This is an eye-catching story, and only video games will attempt to pass elaborate narratives.

On the bright side, the battle allows you to experience slaughter from the perspective of each group and control the names of various heroes and warriors in the game. Similarly, basic and advanced tutorials allow you to master the definition mode of the game: the tools needed to compete in multiplayer melee.

For Honor, reward players who spend time exploring a lot of combat mechanics. In fact, mastering projectiles, feint attacks, and all other offensive and defensive skills is essential, because high-level players will definitely smash you if they discover your weaknesses. Thankfully, control is not an obstacle; they are simple and responsive to your input.

Fighting is a tense thing, but in addition to swinging an axe, shackles and sword, there are other ways to win the encounter. I have defeated players without engaging in weapon exchanges by tricking them near the edge of the elevated platform, breaking their guards, and then throwing them to the shameful death below. I think I am a tactical genius.

The hero you choose is automatically injected into the ongoing Faction War. This is a background, multiplayer veteran game that all players will participate in. This game will give war assets to Knights, Samurai or Viking factions. The party with the most war assets conquered a specific map area and changed the terrain. For example, a battlefield that once had a Samurai style aesthetics, once conquered, would become a Viking style.

You don’t have to fight among the factions that represent your hero class. For example, my Viking completely represented the Samurai faction. I like that you are not locked in a faction, but it’s also a bit strange. You know that the warrior that is opposed to me is actually contributing to the knight pool. However, the results of the faction war are still worth investigating, because the top contributors will receive high-end equipment rewards.

In terms of equipment, “For Honor” has a considerable store where you can consume the currency of the game-steel. The distribution of steel in the game is quite fast. After playing training mode and several multiplayer games, I got enough money to buy a few heroes. You will want to buy new heroes because they have different attributes that may complement your game style.

You can also use steel to buy new weapons, armor, and regular XP upgrades to help your hero quickly upgrade levels and merits. The last one is the performance privilege that the game rewards you for slaughtering the enemy. Feats are potentially trend-changing additives, granting temporary abilities, such as boosting your hero’s statistics or summoning archer attacks.

In other words, ordinary armor and weapons are the most interesting purchases, because they allow you to customize your character with equipment with varying abilities, such as helmets, swords and shields. The biggest advantage is that you can equip the characters according to your game style to achieve the best effect. For example, you may want to give up heavier armor and replace it with lighter armor to increase your hero’s movement speed.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft has completely taken the path of Ubisoft, allowing those who have money to burn to immediately receive enhanced rewards for these characters. Yes, you can buy steel with real-world money. Thankfully, you can only spend it on equipment and merits that match your current hero level, so you cannot equip your low-level heroes with high-end equipment. However, this aspect still makes the game look like a free game with a large budget.

In addition, “For Honor” does not let you directly buy the equipment you want. It uses a watch-style random drop system, which ensures that you will never know what you will get when searching for loot. Of course, as the character level increases, you will encounter higher-end equipment, but I would rather buy a new sword directly than I want the game god to shine for me. This random drop system is beneficial for people who often buy steel, because they can continue to search for reinforcements until they find their favorite reinforcement.

In all fairness, character enhancement can only be obtained in large Dominion, Elimination, and Skirmish modes. The hegemony and duel competitions will strip off the attributes of the equipment and transform the additional equipment into simple appearance enhancements to balance small-scale battles.


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