Fallout: New Vegas (FNV) is a post-apocalyptic action role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published in 2009 and released for MW, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. A spin-off of the Fallout series, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic open world environment that encompasses a region consisting of Arizona, California, and Nevada. The main story takes place in the year 2281, after the Great War between the US and China over natural resources.

FNV makes you one of the unfortunate survivors of this world. After the first few hours, there will be no clue to your mission, so you can go where you like to take risks: interact with whom you want to do, do a kind, evil, or anything in between , making “New Vegas” the most adventurous radiation game.

In southern Nevada, three major forces are competing for control of the Hoover Dam and the city of New Vegas. They are:

  • New California Republic, a faction returning from Fallout 1 and 2. They are a socialist, expansionist republic, hoping to obtain hydropower in the region to support the country’s development.
  • Caesar’s Legion, a new faction. They are a group of slaves and slave traders, managed by a conservative philosopher who wants to end the chaos of the world by any means.
  • Mr. House, a brand new character and faction, is his own. His vast network of robots and partners made him the undisputed ruler of New Vegas, at least for now.

At the beginning of the game, the player character is a courier of Mojave Express, who was kidnapped and shot while trying to deliver packages to New Vegas. After being cured by a local doctor, the player was sent to retrieve their lost packages.

When the players traveled, they met the NCR and the Legion, each of them made their own case, why they should control the area. In order to search further, players will encounter various small factions and have the opportunity to make an impression with them.

The player finally arrives in New Las Vegas and learns about the package delivered by Mr. House in person. He offers you a position as his agent if you can get the parcel from his former powerful assistant, Benny, the robber at the beginning of the game.

On the way to see Benny, they were stopped by an NCR diplomat and an army spy. They suggested working for their respective factions instead of working for Mr. House. When Benny himself provided the player with an opportunity to cooperate and let the players overthrow Mr. House together and make themselves the rulers, things became more complicated.

After this, players can choose which side to work for, but the basic gameplay is roughly the same. Players need to meet and deal with small factions in the area, including the Khan and Brotherhood of Steel. Depending on the player’s skills and who he works for, the solution can range from alliances to peace treaties to ordinary genocide.

The charm of the game is that at any time, the player can directly exit the story. There is nothing to force the player to advance the plot; in addition to working towards the end, there are many things to do. You can make any narrative you want, you can be a savior who can restore peace without taking a life, or you can be a desperate slaughtering hundreds of people for fun.


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