Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an obsessive game. You can play it as a shooting game, an stealth game or a very combative RPG game, or some strange mixture of the three. It retains all the elements of player choice that fascinated “Ghostland”, first-person combat, cybernetic enhancement, and stealth.

This is a game designed by people. They don’t want to take your nose from one level to another, but want to give you a world worth exploring and the freedom to explore. Enemies can be repelled by headshots, sneak attacks, sedative darts, shotguns bombarding the face or all of the above, and there are enough computers to invade, vents to climb in, boxes to stack, windows to climb over, yes make any old-school PC players smile. There is always more than one way from A to B. It is better not to have large and small conflicts, and there are always other things that can be discovered, explored or collected. This is a thinker game, and thinkers all over the world will love it.

Like the first game, the interaction of the game system is its highlight. Every situation in the game can be dealt with in a variety of ways, and the more games you have, the more your character and your tools will suit your particular style. In the world of Human Revolution, experience points mean Praxis points, and Praxis points can be spent on a series of cybernetic enhancements that affect your character’s perception, strength, resistance to damage, hacking skills, and stealth abilities. In the end, inevitably, you will prefer one set of skills over another, so build the best warrior, technical spy or assassin. More importantly, all weapons are also customizable, leading you to strengthen a silenced pistol at the expense of a noisy assault rifle, or possibly vice versa. In fact, any activity will distribute experience points, so even if your carefully planned stealth attack becomes a bloody, it is not a disaster. Organically, no one tells you what to do and how to do it, and the game supports and rewards the way you want to play.

At the same time, the storyline and settings are also very useful. In the background of the years before the original “Deus Ex”, Human Revolution tells the story of a human being at a crossroads. The security personnel of a cutting-edge network company were attacked by unknown persons at the company’s headquarters and almost killed. After the resurrection, he was strengthened by the latest network technology. He began to track down the mercenaries who attacked him, and killed scientists who had some unresolved relationship with him. The design of the visual style is to mix the theme of the renaissance with the outerwear of cyberpunk, and sometimes the game implements this very well. Whether it is your hero or supporting role, there is no charm and personality of stars such as “Mass Effect” or “Red Death Redemption”, but here is a good story to make your teeth.


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