The background of Dead Island is the fictional Banoy Island. The four protagonists wake up in the scenic Palms Resort Hotel and find that the zombies on the island are already rotten, but the heroes themselves are mysteriously immune to anything that turns people into walking dead. You have two tasks: find and assist other survivors, and leave the island. In other words, this is a standard zombie game story, but some side missions reveal the gloomy effects of the zombie rise. If the story is designed in more detail, it may be heartbreaking – but I will not destroy it here.

However, the picture in this book is far from standard. Techland has created an absolutely gorgeous island paradise. The lush world distinguishes the game from the massive amount of opponent games with a broken environment in the background-sometimes I find myself amazed by the background paintings between zombie battles. It is this juxtaposition of serenity and grief that makes “Dead Island” an impressive game with visual effects. This is not to say that the whole game is a slaughter in paradise-there is an urban environment (the same impressive visual effect), you are here to fight the undead, but there is no common spring cat scaring in the dark corridor, this is very it is good. “Dead Island” renders plants, buildings, and even human skin tones vividly. One area where art works are inadequate (like many games) is in the eyes of living people, which is as lifeless as their undead counterparts.

When you pass the Banoi, you will hear the moaning zombies before seeing them, which creates a sense of fear because you will never be completely sure where they are. The sparse background music brings a very real and sometimes isolated atmosphere to the game, because the main noise is the bulky dead and occasional environment-related sound effects, such as screaming seagulls and whistling wind. Quiet keyboard sounds are mixed in the quiet, which helps to increase the tension at a specific moment.

You have many weapons at your disposal. The game starts with simple weapons. You will find pipes, brooms, and other blunt objects scattered on the island, but you will end up with more powerful weapons. Combat is melee, so you usually have to get in close contact with the enemy. Dealing with zombie thugs is very challenging, rush in with the mentality of charging and you will be slaughtered. Once you participate in the battle, you will enjoy the fun of fighting action. Violent blows, such as decapitation and amputation, can be accomplished with precise and timely attacks, and have a satisfactory amount of blood. The combination of zombies is also very good. You will encounter shufflers who are slow and easy to kill, as well as tanks that require a lot of effort to knock down.

The characteristic of “Dead Island” is that the weapon rots, which increases the tension, because your weapon may become useless in the battle. Weapon decay will cause your melee weapons to decompose over time as you use them, each weapon has a “health table” that is consumed as it is used. Unlike the weapons of “Dead Rising”, the weapons of each Dead Island have their own independent durability level-for example, a broom will not be as durable as a pipe. When my broom became useless when hitting zombies by the pool, I happily threw it to a safe place and then looked for better weapons.

Handcrafting is a major game element because it allows you to upgrade weapons using the cash you collected, or combine them into a new weapon, the electronic chainsaw. Does anyone know? But you cannot simply attack desperately; a physical table determines how often you can attack and run away. If you are too keen to press the button, you will be exhausted, and you will be very vulnerable to attack, and you have to wait for it to be full again to swing or sprint. You also have Fury–a super move that is linked to your Rage value. The Rage meter is full, when you send and receive damage, the Rage meter will be filled, you will enter the violent state of the bullet time, and will not be hurt by the dead–when you are outnumbered, this is a good way to drive out monsters.

Each character has three abilities (Fury, Combat, Survival). There are three levels for each ability. You must fully upgrade one ability in each department to unlock the next set. Here you can build the power of your character (or your character’s weapon). You can deal with zombies alone, or with up to four other players in multiplayer mode.

A major disadvantage of gameplay is the large number of fetching tasks, which can become tiring after a while. In addition, there are some rhythm issues. A lot of time is spent looting corpses and digging money in suitcases and drawers to buy weapons, which breaks the flow of the game.


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