The single-player campaign of Call of Duty: World War II (CoD:WWII) is centered on the European battlefield from 1944 to 1945, focusing on historical accuracy and brotherhood. This battle lets you play Ronald “Red” Daniels, a second-class soldier, an old boy from Texas. In the process of bloody advance to Germany, you will establish contact with the soldiers in your platoon, starting from the D-day rush into Normandy beach and hitting the Rhine. Although most players will now see some of the World War II movie changes, Red’s story is unique enough to allow you to participate in a battle full of very familiar environments.

The element of brotherhood in the story continues into the game mechanics, because the Red Army depends on each member of the squad for different support. You can request squad teammates to provide ammunition, health packs, supply your grenades, highlight the enemy, or send out a smoke signal to call a mortar attack. Your health will not be regenerated automatically as in the recent Call of Duty campaign, so you will request a health pack during the trek throughout Europe.

Seeing your AI squad is very useful in supply and reconnaissance, especially when they kill the Nazis is absolutely terrible. More than once, one of my teammates moved forward so that he was standing next to the Nazis shooting at me, and the two ignored each other very well. If you can survive, you will most likely get a health pack or some ammo from your friends!

Each mission has one or more hero actions. This is an optional goal. You have the power to choose the intensity of the battle, save the soldiers or let the enemy surrender. You may be desperately advancing in the jungle of Ardennes, hearing the help of your companions. Are you stopping to assist the wounded soldier, or keeping your pace? Throughout the game, you will also have several opportunities to help the soldiers and drag them safely behind the bunker.

Sometimes you will push through some locations, you can choose to let the enemy surrender, or kill them anyway. Sledgehammer Games (developer) does implement some ethics here, because you can’t turn around and kill them after they surrender – trying to kill the surrendering Nazis will make you start again at the checkpoint.

Overall, I think hero goals are a good idea, but I found that several soldiers died when I tried to help them. You must act fast, lest the game make you feel too long and terrible, but you don’t want to help at all, this is your choice. These small details and the beautiful and war-torn environment will immerse you and let the events in the game have some real emotional impact.

It was true that World War II briefly touched on topics such as the absolute terror of isolation teams and massacres and concentration camps, but most of the time these themes were crippled. The moral argument between the soldiers is often a tense tug-of-war, whether they should be merciless or should they risk the rescue of civilians. I had hoped that more historical lessons would be included in it, but I never felt that I was just killing the enemy for fun unconsciously. There is always enough background to remind me.

Overall, the battle is a solid game of about six hours, and 11 missions will take you from D-Day to the Rhine, not anything other than your journey from France to Germany. The story still carries all the typical Call of Duty settings, such as extraordinary driving sequences, flight missions, and stealth, but there are a few moments that provide more emotion than we have seen in recent installations.

When you first jump into a multiplayer game in World War II, you may feel a lot different from the previous work. The game will immediately throw you into a new social space called the headquarters (HQ), where you can find some activities to pass the time until you meet with friends or load into the game. This is basically a center similar to Destiny, where you can start supply drops, receive multiplayer challenges to get extra rewards, duel in a 1v1 pit, etc.

But once you get used to HQ, and the way Sledgehammer Games (developer) has completely transformed the Create-a-Class and perk systems, this is the core gameplay of the classic Call of Duty game.

In the game, players can choose their favorite guns and privileges instead of “creation-level”, now players can join one of the five divisions, each division has a unique set of skills. Infantry is a good starting point, good at medium and long-range combat. This gives you the bayonet charge and the option to have an additional attachment. Airborne soldiers are all hidden running and shooting games. You can choose to add and remove a suppressor attachment during the game. The Armored division is prepared for players who like to carry light machine guns and launchers. It also allows them to choose to use a bipod to fight close to the body and actually deal damage. The Mountain division caters to the needs of snipers, while the Expedition division is for players who like the chaos of close-up shotguns.

Despite these tailor-made divisions, you are not restricted in your choice of firearms. For a mountain division, you don’t need to be equipped with a sniper rifle in your weaponry, but then again, if you are equipped with a shotgun, it is not really taking advantage of the division’s unique advantages. Speaking of which, you are not limited to one teacher. You can unlock more divisions in the process of playing, and finally prepare equipment for each division, allowing you to freely change your gameplay during the game.

The new war mode is definitely your most unique game type in multiplayer games, focusing on the objective gameplay of the team. One team serves as one of the Axis powers, and the other team serves as an ally, fighting in a series of offensive and defensive targets. Be ready to communicate. “War” has three exclusive maps, but “Opera Neptune” is definitely one of the best, players have the opportunity to impact or defend the beach on D day. It’s like relive the tense moments of the beginning of the battle with friends.

The series’ now iconic final kill cam has been replaced by an Overwatch-style bronze star gameplay, in which case it just feels like a randomly selected kill from the game. Search and Destroy mode still seem to insist that the final kill of the game is shown as Bronze Star, but in other game modes, the Bronze Star gameplay has never seemed so impressive, unlike the “gameplay” in other shooting games. Through a weekend of multiplayer games, I have witnessed many beautiful three-kill or four-kill, but the bronze star gameplay always only shows basic single kills or possible double kills.

Currently, the great game design of World War II is being hampered by technical issues. There will not be some episodes in any conference, but the server problem that is currently plaguing “Call of Duty: World War II” is very terrible. When the game is up and running, it’s so fun, but it’s frustrating to play with, a lot of server problems and awkward long load times.

Sledgehammer Games (developer) provides excellent experiences in various areas of Call of Duty: World War II (CoD:WWII), and in 2017 showed us how a classic Call of Duty game should look and feel. This work should not disappoint fans, whether their preferences are battles, multiplayer games, provided that Sledgehammer fixes server issues in a timely manner.


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