If we use one word to summarize Call on Duty: World at War (COD:WaW), it is cruel. This latest installment of Call of Duty was developed by Treyarch and released in Nov. 2008. It is a brutal battle in the context of World War II, unlike any other game. When it comes to this particular global conflict, you might think that you have been there and done that, but after spending five minutes in a bloody single player campaign or crazy multiplayer game , you will realize that this is far from a general, tired World War II shooting game.

However, although it changed the background of the previous Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but one thing has not changed, that is the core gameplay. The tools of war may be different, the uniforms are older, and the settings are less fashionable, but under the surface of WaW, it hides what we saw in “CoD4”-the smooth and smooth gameplay. Yes, it may be because the game runs on the same engine, but trying to change such an awesome shooting formula is simply crazy.

Even using the same equipment can make mistakes, but Treyarch’s staff are doing very well, adding sweet new effects here and there, doing some minor modifications and adjustments to the marksmanship to match all true World War II epics. For example, most weapons are the ones you find in Call of Duty 1-3, but they feel more solid and deadly, just like the advanced weapons in Modern Combat. Even a melee attack, either a knife or a bayonet, when you stab your pig stick into the neck of any charged Japanese army or Nazi soldier, it also looks very sensual.

And this is not waiting for you to get the flamethrower. We believe that the fire destruction tools of WaW are much better than the tools in Gears of War 2, Far Cry 2 and Dead Space. Devil is in the details. Not only does it look and sound like you are releasing high-pressure propellants to the enemy, it also makes the world around you react. Enemies will desperately slap the flames on their clothes, or they will scream and wave their arms before falling. Tiny flames will float in the air, and nearby vegetation will curl up and be burnt.

Therefore, weapons are cruel; you find that your fighting environment is cruel. Even with the storyline, its strong focus on hatred and revenge is cruel. The Russian battle is particularly cruel. You will really feel that you and your buddies are fighting for revenge, not for personal survival.

If the stage of the Red Army makes the stage of the United States seem a little bland, then it is not surprising that the game ends with an attack on the Hitler’s heart of Germany-the Reichstag with all the guns and all the bombs. Well, in any case, the single player campaign ends here. The single player campaign in WaW, although very solid, always plays a secondary role in the multiplayer options, and you need to participate in these options to get the most impact, to get your Call of Duty.

Multiplayer games are divided into confrontation (death competition, etc.) and cooperative. Cooperation, although not as popular as multiplayer games, is also a reliable experience. Finding a game is easy, and once you get started, you will have a lot of fun. Our favorite is the competitive mode, which allows you and your friends to fight in multiple levels and accumulate high scores. The ace of WaW is the “Nacht der Untoten” mode, which allows you and your friends to defend a creepy house against waves of Nazi zombies. Yes, in the main battle-serious background, this is a little silly, but after a few hours of happy zombie dismemberment, we are very happy that this model exists.

Newbies will be happy to hear that you can improve your online profile through cooperative multiplayer games and battles, so if you are struggling to maintain your position, it is best to stay with friends before going back with the big boys hunt some zombies or sorch strange warriors.

All in all, World at War (WaW) provides many. It’s not a revolution in the Call of Duty game, but it’s definitely not a step backwards as someone worries. Now, it is the best World War II shooting game we have played, mainly because it has a solid single player game, some spectacular multiplayer games, and because it is brutal as hell.


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