Call of Duty: Warzone is released recently for 3 platforms: MW, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. COD Warzone supports up to 150 (max) players in a single match, while Solos, Duos and Quads also allowed as usual.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has caused a significant sensation among shooting game lovers. Can the derived free battle mode Warzone get the same praise? Um, yes, no. Its rhythm is fast but slow, derivatives are unique, casual but deep, lively but frustrating. Battle Royale is a bit boring, while Plunder is wonderful.

Warzone is a true antagonistic mode and a must-play game for every fan of Call of Duty and/or Battle Royale. But as far as I know, it has the familiar love-hate repeatability of Call of Duty, allowing you to enjoy a good game and then throw away your headphones after 5 minutes! For any fans of Call of Duty Say, it is definitely a main game.

It allows players (single or 3-person team) to fight against each other in a huge area, let them fight desperately until one player (or team) remains. It uses all the well-regarded and highly sophisticated “Modern Warfare” shootout mechanisms and applies them to the battle royale form. And we absolutely love “Modern Warfare”, but something is missing in “Warzone”. This inherent design philosophy hangs over every aspect of the game. The developers ensure that everyone can have a good time in Warzone, so it makes it harder for people to have fun.

A normal war zone game involves jumping in, picking up one or two guns, collecting enough cash to get enough equipment, and then fighting multiple battles before winning or dying. That’s all, it’s clearly designed. Infinity Ward (developer) makes the game loop as consistent and streamlined as possible. You will almost never lack a weapon, and you will be motivated to continue fighting. The Warzone is essentially as simple as possible to ensure that as many people as possible enjoy it.

The same is true of looting. Ammunition and armor are automatically picked up in Warzone. There are no weapon modifications in the game, and there are almost no inventory screens. Instead, all weapons have attachments based on their rarity. Epic and legendary weapons are equipped, while ordinary, uncommon and rare guns usually do not have any accessories, maybe just a sight. Armor is only equipped by tapping buttons. The only reason the inventory menu exists is to share ammo or armor with teammates.

Depending on who you ask, these concepts are either proof of great design or a huge insult to your intelligence. It either deprives you of the freedom to control the equipment or gives you more time to actually play the game. For us, just a few hours later, we knew very well that we needed more depth to continue to come back. Battle Royale mode guarantees that no two games are the same, but we are still missing something. And it seems to choose to allow everyone to play this game, which makes playing other more complicated games. But we can also understand why many players like to be able to shoot and hit people all the time, instead of watching their inventory screen for half an hour and being killed by an invisible sniper.

Although you may fall on one side or the other according to your personal preferences, when you are plundering the entire town, it becomes a bit painful to lack anything to adjust or modify. You can change your weapons and grenades, but finding a slightly different P90 will not satisfy you after a while. In addition, the huge variety of weapons makes it unimportant which kind of weapon you choose, they are quite reliable.

Possibly in other BRs, when there is no action in your area, you can use this time to make a real dressup. There is a better range here, there is improved handling; there is a little fun when the machine is down. But in the “Warzone”, these boring moments have nothing to relieve but actions. Although there is a lot of such content, the essence of the battlefield is that sometimes, some moments are a bit boring.

For us, it is the joining of the contract that can help us solve the problem of insufficient mobility. These small missions give players an alternative goal, rewarding them with better weapons or cash to buy something, such as their customized modern warfare armor.

Although we may complain about Warzone, another mode Plunder can eliminate many complaints. This mode does not need to be the last person or squad to stand, but allows the player to earn the most cash. You have many ways to achieve this goal, which makes Plunder great for teams and players who want to be different from Battle Royale mode.

First, you must work together to kill high-value goals, make contracts, or just plunder money from buildings. Then, you must deposit the money into the bank, because when you die, you will throw half of all your things to the enemy to pick up, and the other half will disappear. To deposit cash in the bank, you have to go to the location of the ‘public’ helipad, but when you send a signal to invest money, everyone in the area will be reminded and may come to visit you. You can also buy a ‘personal’ balloon, where you can deposit up to 150,000 cash. When the timer runs out, the first team to hit 1 million or the closest to that amount wins.

Although this model abandons the tried-and-true concept of Battle Royale, it guides this energy into some spicy new things. If you have a squad you like, we definitely recommend you to see the raids. This mode is very popular because it is tactical, in-depth, and does not rely on the randomness of the loot, circles, and spawning that plague any Battle Royale game. When you die, it will continue to respawn you, so the fight between teams can last for a long time. Although death is obviously a bad thing because you will lose money, it is also a good way, when they are still fighting other members of your team, you can fall into the enemy’s position. Or you can reposition at any time after death.

When it comes to death, you must not forget the most exciting place in Warzone: Gulag. The first time you die in Battle Royale, you will be sent to Gulag. Here, you can play 1v1 against another “dead” player with mirror random equipment. If you win, you will fall back into the game. If you die, your teammates will pay you in-game cash at the purchase station to resurrect you.

This mechanism ensures that if you start badly, you still have a chance to enter the final game. As a result, not immediately finding the gun was not directly a death sentence. It is more like a prison sentence. This is also a way for players to participate in the game. Yes, you lost a battle and the subsequent 1v1, but now your teammates still have the ability to get you back. In other words, even if you are out, you will not really be out.

Talking about the business model of Warzone, although this game may have other plans in the distant future, it is actually for people to buy “COD: Modern Warfare”. But this means that the owner of the “base game” has a little advantage over players who don’t get it. Modern Warfare-players have built their perfect equipment, perfected their strategy with specific guns, and brought all weapons to the level.

New players start from the beginning, if it’s not because you can buy pre-made equipment by buying Loadout Drop in the game, this is not a problem. In fact, you can even choose which piece of equipment to take in Plunder. So if you have a game, your modified gun will have an objective advantage over new players. And new players can’t control their weapon levels. If you don’t pick up a higher level weapon, you can’t increase its level.

All in all, Battle Royale mode has been downplayed to a certain extent, some players may quickly lose interest, while others like the simplified mechanism, allowing them to focus on the actual game. Gulag guarantees that people will keep investing in a game and have the opportunity to redeem themselves. Of course, because of the inherent attributes of Battle Royale, you have never seen it all. There are always more battles to win, more guns to find, and more 1v1 to engage in.

Especially Plunder is refreshing. It is definitely your favorite mode because it really does something new. It uses everything we like in Battle Royale, but combines it with rebirth and gives way to a truly dynamic game mode.

In general, I feel that “Call of Duty: Warzone” is a necessary part of any Battle Royale fans, but don’t expect to be blown away. Most of its content is very interesting, if you want to try something new, “COD Warzone” is definitely worth a try.


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