Infinity Ward (developer) has the biggest argument away from the most recorded battle in history in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (COD:MW2). From the Gothic Russian Gulag to the Washington battlefield, these scenes are no longer silicon documentaries, but extend the developer’s craze for the destruction of national landmarks. Dream tour.

The game has two ideas. One is to provide a fake tall military fantasy. The other is of course to provide the perfect multiplayer shooting experience. The latter has achieved great success. The former is not very successful, but in any case, “Modern Warfare 2” has astonishingly succeeded doing so.

When it comes to multiplayer competition and cooperative games, what qualifications do I have to deny the greatness of this game? The control of the game is almost ergonomic, fitting like a worn glove. The multiplayer maps, from the war-torn Afghanistan to the horrific airport, are huge, balanced, and credible. Online, players can customize their characters by upgrading their levels to gain new skills and weapons. Every confirmed kill, you will see a bonus number, this kind of narcissistic superiority can only be provided by the best role-playing games.

No one expects more. The biggest surprise of the first Modern Warfare is the sublime Spec Ops mode.

Spec Ops mode is a single-player game born out of the most basic game, except that it can be shared with friends. They are all goal-based tasks, without the tediousness of stories and character motives. Despite the proliferation of cooperative gameplay in the game, Infinity Ward can still innovate. If you, like me, had hoped to play the gunner of a god-like AC-130 battleship and protect your teammates in the nightmare warzone, then our bloody dream has been realized. This is a sacrifice you cannot find elsewhere. There are also snowmobile racing, helicopter escort missions, and American-style house-to-house, restaurant-to-house battles. These tasks are full of challenges and busyness. After completing the tasks under the most difficult difficulty setting, the virtual reward is huge.

When Modern Warfare 2 got rid of the disguise of a single-player campaign, it told the story of a full-scale war between the United States and Russia, and the shadow group of international agents trying to cool the unstable situation, achieved glory in online competition and cooperative games.

First of all, I want to point out an easy but unfair criticism of the Call of Duty story, whose writing is reminiscent of the criticized blockbuster director Jerry Brookheimer. At least it is better than this. Although all are loud and masculine, the sense of rhythm is very natural. Infinity Ward showed great affection for some characters, especially “Soap” Mactavish, the protagonist from the first Modern Warfare, although not the main playable character of this game, he is almost the perfect superhero is back. Fortunately, the plot and character development of this work avoids any turmoil. The morality of the game is a bit confusing, making it more intriguing than your standard Nazi adventure.

Infinity Ward has a keen sense of player’s behavior. When the player guides the camera through an open battlefield, events and music prompts will be triggered.

Unfortunately, it is hopelessly mechanized. I couldn’t help but shake my feelings. I felt like I was just a photographer, pushing the cart to shoot the next perfect picture. At this time, you begin to see the puppet master’s string, the trigger point of the event. Everything fell into place so neatly and uniformly, breaking the illusion that anything is possible in a living battlefield. “Anything” never happened unless it was specified in the script.

Infinity Ward treats the battle as a kind of end game designed by old-school hardcore games, that is, bigger and better. Any sense of dynamics is provided under strict author control, which is both admirable and frankly predictable. The technique of providing first-person camera control to different characters is used repeatedly, and sometimes works well, such as

So is Modern Warfare 2 a statement or a pure fantasy? This is pure fantasy, yes, developers are likely to agree-but there are signs that the single-player campaign is eager to become more. However, the storytelling lacks clear ideas and visions, which raises another question whether Infinity Ward will not develop further, or whether they just lack eloquence.

No matter what the situation, this game is also a statement of the strength of Infinity Ward. Each trailer they release is not just promotional material, but is pointing to other publishers, daring them to release another game this week. And this trick worked. The holiday is obviously bare, Modern Warfare 2 is high, its missions and maps are wonderful, valuable, and the promised thousands of yards of staring and endless nights of lazy family entertainment. It is a majestic presence in the living room electronics.

But the most important thing is that it is for those who define the game as art, not as art, but more as a group dynamic sport, which encourages the innate necessity of the “must play” human race. Is a strong affirmation. There is no bigger argument.


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