You commanded the breathing mute character Logan, an American who lives in the near future. In this interpretation of future events, the countries of South America united to form a terrible national alliance, claiming to be the Federation. After violating the treaty with the United States, this fierce faction launched a devastating orbital attack on major cities across North America. The fate of the rest of the world is unclear-although this is Call of Duty, other countries will naturally not give priority to it.

Skip a few years, Logan is now a fully trained soldier, trying to keep the Federal Forces away from the little remaining unoccupied American land, when he and his brother Hesh and their dog Riley. When going out to patrol together, things start unimaginably. Our obscure protagonist was pushed from one place to another, where he had to shoot people, sneak into the enemy’s base, and perform some stealth. Eventually, he accidentally discovered and joined the legendary Ghosts-a rank of well-trained troops.

One of the main additions to this installment is the dog. Although Riley can only play in a few scenes, these sequences are prominent moments throughout the latest movement, and he has no more time available, which is a pity. From the perspective of the camera on his head, his duties include killing enemy personnel. In one mission, he crawled through the long grass to avoid detection. Although we are not entirely sure whether a German Shepherd in combat readiness will be so inconspicuous when climbing over a grass with high knees, this experience is inspiring because you try to remain undetected while scouting the enemy.

In addition to Riley’s joining, the obvious problem with the event is its familiarity. You will often find yourself “run to location A” or “hack object B”-this may be a different game, but this is exactly the same gameplay you have experienced in previous games. Another problem is how often you fly around the world, because you can easily forget why you are in a particular location, especially when you are only collecting unintelligible “intelligence”.

However, these simple tasks almost always result in massive explosions, huge loss of life, and raise many questions about the status of the respected Ghosts themselves. Although we understand that in a mission, you walk into a building, hold the square and gather intelligence, and then come out, it will not be very interesting, but this is not in line with the theme. When this theme team should sneak into the enemy base and not be found, but somehow eventually detonated the sky scraper.

In addition, although the rest of the United States is stepping on the eggshell, which is its previous shadow, it seems to have no problem with the Federal confrontation, matching, and more often, defeating them in battle with tanks, helicopters and jet fleets. All this raises a question: why didn’t they fight back earlier? It is this kind of plot hole that will make you completely out of the experience, and the main villain is a person who has the responsibility of eliminating the Ghosts. It feels that the existence of the Federation is just to let you have something to do in a large adventure.

Eventually, the movement feels inconsistent, the dialogue is poor, a completely stupid story, and a character you can never establish an emotional connection with. There are several great missions-one of which sees you in a gun battle in space-but they fail to make up for the lack of compelling narrative.

Although the single-player division of the series continues its unfortunate spiraling decline, Call of Duty enthusiasts will be happy to know that multiplayer games are larger than ever, with new modes, custom options, and class combinations. When we jump into online games, the first thing we notice is the visual effects.

New game modes include Grind, where you must collect dog tags of fallen enemies and store them in a specific location, and Cranked, where you are forced to maintain a slaughter combo before exploding. In addition, there is Hunted. Everyone has only one pistol at the beginning, and must rely on the drop of ammunition to collect new weapons. These add to the existing large number of modes, perfecting a well-stocked and diverse multiplayer experience, even if some maps are not as convincing as others.

So far, the strongest location involves a ruined castle, its site and a small village on the mountain. From the winding narrow corners of the small village to the open hilly terrain outside the castle walls, this is indeed a prominent design that allows all classes and gameplay to thrive. It is a pity that no other place can compare with it at all, and the number of industrial maps is so large that you cannot be shaken.

There is almost no change in loading customization, despite the new privileges, weapons, and combat kits. In particular, one of the hit kits, some of Riley’s canine brothers leapt from the battle, but they will not be swarmed by a group of enemies before disappearing, as in previous games, but will follow you. Although you cannot directly command your hound, it will follow you closely, aiming at any enemies seen nearby. If you die, it will trot across the map and return to your spawning point to rejoin you.

Perhaps the biggest new feature is character customization. You can now name your online combatants, adjust their uniforms, and choose their gender before taking them into the battlefield. You can also unlock multiple characters and customize them with your own unique equipment and fashion sense. There are two reasons for this: the first is that you may like to easily switch to a brand new character, and the second is the new Squad mode of Ghosts.

Occupying an important position on the main menu, the squad can see you customize your six-person army and lead computer-controlled soldiers into various game types. This is essentially a robot mode, you can team up with some friends and compete with them, or challenge your squad of other players under the support of your custom robot team to make a duel – even if they in the offline state, related individuals will also be replaced by more robots.

Among the large amount of content provided, the most impressive is the alien blasting game Extinction. Whether it’s a split-screen game or a four-player online game, you have to transport a compact drill around the alien-infested town to protect it and destroy the alien’s hive. Place the drill bit in these caves, and the dissatisfied host will express their opinions and attack the drill bit and your team, ranging from small, jumping grunts to larger, armored beasts.

After destroying a hive, you will get a skill point. This can be invested in any of your equipment slots, from increasing the ammunition throwing ammunition box to reward you and your team to enhancing weapon damage and the range of the sentry gun. There is a real tactical aspect to setting up your equipment, and no decision should be made until it is first discussed with your team. As the level advances, our fully upgraded armor box is very useful, effectively providing our comrades with double the health.

It’s a bit frustrating to start from scratch every time, and it’s really quite difficult in the end—but extinction is a well thought out and cleverly executed product that should provide hours of entertainment for all of itself.


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