Call of Duty has become famous as the premier World War II shooting series, but the developer Infinity Ward wanted to do something different this time, leaving World War II in the past. This fourth game in the CoD series, brought combat into the modern era and used a completely original storyline instead of taking it from the history books. This was a bold move and it paid off in the end. They worked hard and worked hard to make it out.

The first few games in the series are difficult to tell a story that matches the intense action, sadly, the same is true of “CoD4”. Although this time is completely fictitious and involves many nuclear weapons, this is not the best way to tell a story. You are playing Sergeant John-“Soap”-McTavesh, and switch to other roles at different times, the recruits are thrown in the abyss. Together with Captain Price and many other soldiers, you have to stop a major international disaster on an unprecedented scale.

Although a fully cohesive plot would be great, it is not the end and end of the video game, especially one that sees you wielding numerous high-power rifles, RPGs, grenades, tank destruction missiles, air strike signalers and more. The weaponry provided here surpassed the previous games of the series to some extent, although if you are used to guns from World War II, it may take some time to adapt.

Your opening mission sets the tone for the rest of the game. Set in the evening, you and the other members of the Spec Ops team boarded an oil tanker and quietly killed the crew. This is incredibly smooth, your teammates did a lot of work for you, but soon something went wrong and you were forced to evacuate as soon as possible.

More skilled players can try Hardened difficulty to get more experience, while real masochists can choose the fun of the Veteran difficulty “breath close to the enemy will die”. I wouldn’t pretend to be the game god, and I finished the game on veteran difficulty, because I haven’t, but it’s damn difficult, so you have a goal after running the battle for the first time.

And what kind of battle this is. It’s hard to say its exact position in the series, but it is definitely more enjoyable and dramatic than CoD3. CoD4 has all the terrorist activities you want, evil leaders, dramatic encounters and a lot of amazing script moments that will make your chin hit the floor. The ability to shoot through walls is also worth mentioning because it does add extra authenticity to the program, allowing you to carefully consider the location of you and your enemies.

The Call of Duty series always relies on intelligent script sequences to increase the danger and excitement of the game, and CoD4 is no exception. It is certainly not without problems-the enemy will continue to spawn until you cross an invisible obstacle-but as long as you don’t want it to become something, you will have a whale time.

The enemy’s artificial intelligence is not the best, failing to get close to the glory we see in many other first-person shooters, often relying on a large number of enemies instead of intelligence. But its work often creates the feeling of being suppressed, desperate support and potential seconds of death. These moments are definitely frustrating points, but when you complete them, oh, so rewarding, if you have ever done so-I am watching your veteran mode.

In addition to the standard footsteps section, you will board a gunboat and kill enemies at night, which can only be described as one of the most surreal but realistic moments I have played in video games. It brings the power of the arsenal owned by the army to a new angle, and perfectly captures the look and feel of this situation. Other moments, such as stunning title sequences, high-five movie-like endings, and the extra task of sneaking after subtitles will leave you breathless.

Unfortunately, it ended up too quickly, but there is more content after the credits. Arcade mode allows you to play the entire game, or jump into specific levels and try to get new high scores. This is a bit rough, turning a terrorist’s situation into a multiplier and bonus for a game, but it is very fun and comes with an internet high score table for you more in the competition.

But the biggest mode is undoubtedly online multiplayer. Although four-player split-screen offline is supported on the game console, the single-player online mode will cost you a lot of time. Using a combination of simple level-up and reward system to reward excellent players with better equipment, the game has almost unhealthy stickiness. Just like the best online games, the desire to gain additional experience points to get another level is often too much. Once you pass the point of no return, you will think Continue to jump in line.

There are many types of games, there are common team and single player games, and goal-based modes. Five categories have been provided from the beginning, although you will soon be able to customize your weaponry according to your needs. There can be up to 18 players on the game console, and up to 32 players on the PC. They can carry out air strikes, place explosives, and snipe you from the back. This is very fanatical and will definitely become one of the most popular online games on these three systems.

The number of things happening and the level of detail in the environment shame fewer shooting games, and the music score is also top-notch, matching the authenticity of the weapon and the chat of your teammates.

Fans of Call of Duty who are worried about the series going into the modern era of fighting can breathe a sigh of relief. Although it is a new setting, Call of Duty 4 is our love for everything in the series, and continues its amazing visual effects and thrilling game tradition. The single player game time is short, but the combination of arcade game mode and excellent online multiplayer games creates one of the games of the year. It is more of the same, but every point is polished as we hope.


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