When it comes to evaluating any title in the “Battlefield” franchise, it’s important to remember that the only reason anyone plays the battle mode is to unlock new weapons in a multiplayer game. Although Michael K. Williams’s voice acting is great, Campaign Mode is just a four to six hour tutorial that teaches you how to play this game. This is frustrating on the track, the gameplay is literally “move here, shoot this”. The story involves the tombstone squad. Shortly after a bloody coup attempt, a marine squad was sent to mainland China to rescue the VIPs. The story also involves a large number of script sequences that make wrong decisions around your character, and these decisions you will never make as a team captain.

To be clear as a squad leader, if you are looking for a solid FPS sports mode, do not buy this game. On the contrary, multiplayer games are the essence of Battlefield 4.

There is also a deep and powerful feeling that captures the awe of destruction that often occurs in battle. Battlefield 4 is a game where you occasionally want to stop and look at the world around you. The scenery is gorgeous, the battle is fascinating, and the scale of the destruction is huge. The battle line seems to stretch for miles, across land and sea. And you can fight in any way from anywhere. You can run on the battlefield, hide in and out, or board the helicopter, jump on the mini gun, cut the enemy into pieces, then jump off the gun and repair the helicopter in flight.

Part of the magic of Battlefield 4 is the constant change of perspective between the big overall campaign and your small individual campaign. Of course, you and your teammates are all focused on controlling the snatch point, but you will also be overwhelmed by fear and excitement, because you are tracked by the enemy’s tank, firing rocket after rocket, jumping every time. Go aside and run away by your nose until you hide in a building and stop to take a breath. Then a bang! The tank broke the wall behind you, and the whole cat and mouse game started again.

Commander mode returns in Battlefield 4, allowing you to command your squad and call for air strikes. You must first reach level 10 to play as a commander. When you reach level 10, you will play on a top-down map that shows the location of all your squads, all capture points, and all the discovered enemy. The typical sequence of Commander Mode events is that you order the squad to travel to a capture point, call the UAV to scan the enemy squad in the area, mark them on the map, and then call the jammer drone to help your squad avoid the enemy scan. In combat, you can call on resupply or cruise missiles, or send reinforcements.

The only drawback of the commander mode is that the squad controlled by humans does not have to really obey your orders. This adds a chaotic element to the game and makes me very frustrated. On the other hand, I am playing with a group of strangers, and an organized family may gain more value from coordinated attacks because individuals will want to obey their commanders.

Another improvement in Battlefield 4 is the “Levolution” system, which utilizes the Frostbite 3 engine to create and destroy environmental elements during multiplayer games. On a map, this involved the collapse of a huge skyscraper on the ground. In another map, the storm struck, causing a ship to crash into an island. In another map, the gas pipeline exploded and the street was torn apart. These have little effect on the game, but they are very cool. My favorite is the big storm, which is an almost awesome thing to watch-the sky becomes darker and darker, the wind is blowing, and then the boat glides on the map, making a screaming metal sound.

Battlefield 4 is not without its flaws. Although most multiplayer maps implement the correct combination of open areas, cover, and capture points, some maps do not. It’s very frustrating to repeatedly try to catch the point, but is shot at the same location every time. In addition, “Battlefield 4” has been plagued by bugs since its release. I’ve read about crashes in campaign mode, which will lose your progress, and the instability in online multiplayer games, which will kick people off the server during the game.


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