Since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare introduced modern weapons and equipment, it also added new features, such as privileges, lethality rewards and depth of customizable levels, so that FPS fans can create their own equipment according to their game style. CoD4’s success extends to the sequel Modern Warfare 3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (CoD:MW3), as the latest work, exemplifies what happens when a series cannot always maintain an unshakable standard.

When you first started playing Sergeant John-“Soap”-McTavis in CoD4, you didn’t even know that you would be listed as the number one killer by Death, because you saved the world from terrorists many times. Fortunately, you met Captain John Price. Although his intellect is sometimes problematic, he has always been your loyal friend. In the past two CoD works, both of you have carried epic brotherly adventures again and again. In MW3, you will not be dissatisfied with the storyline, because it still contains the familiar CoD style: slow-motion breakthrough, AC 130 firearm shooting, high-speed chase, and vigorous things around you, the picture is amazing.

MW3 will let you switch between different playable characters throughout the story, although it would be nice to complete the exercise with the same character I started in CoD4. However, all these highly dramatic movements have a short duration. Exercise runs a little more than 5 hours on normal difficulty, and 8 to 10 hours on veteran difficulty, depending on your skills. Therefore, although an extraordinary explosion is always interesting, it will not last long.

However, Spec Ops mode will keep you happy. Two people, whether online or split-screen, the Spec Ops mission is back, and it is more difficult to complete than ever, especially on the veteran. Teamwork is the key. You need a capable partner. You will yell at him to pass challenging goals. The new mode “Spec Ops Survival” is the best addition to “MW3”: fighting endless enemies, from heavy armored infantry, to dogs with C4s on their backs, masters, and enemies suitable for chemical warfare. There is a currency system, so kill everything and anything in your path to earn money to buy and/or upgrade your weapons, explosives and air support, such as predator missiles, and even call the US Delta Squad to help you survive wave. This mode is a good way to not only carry out interesting killings, but also get used to maps, because each map is directly extracted from the multiplayer game.

A major focus of MW3’s multiplayer game development process is balance and gun-to-gun gameplay, so there are many changes and improvements. The shotgun is now the main one. Privileges like the Scavenger have been specially modified: Ammunition is easy to replenish, but the grenades and launcher ammunition depends on the equipment of the player who died, and he may or may not be equipped with grenades. Say goodbye to the indiscriminate killing of grenades! However, the javelin still exists in the game, and the sniper is equipped with a new Quickdraw perk, it is a deadly combination, making quickcoping like a shotgun.

Previously, the kill combo rewards were only designed for killing, but players who worked hard to achieve their goals did not get enough rewards. Now, your combo rewards include kills and points, and are divided into so-called blow packages — Assault, Support, and Specialist.

Assault include the realization of rewards, such as an AC130 and an AH-6 Overwatch, which is your aerial bodyguard. The AH-6 helicopter hovered over you and killed any enemy who dared to attack you. Once you die, your reward will be reset. Support packages are a bit different, including drones, turrets, and my favorite escort. When someone steals your care package, is it angry? When you protect your precious cargo, an Osprey gunner will take care of the thieves. However, your reward will not be reset when you die, so go there and accumulate those kills and points. Finally, Specialist, where you have the opportunity to become a villain and fight alone. Choose the privilege you like, and you will get a privilege every time you kill twice. After eight consecutive kills, each perk will give you, you are now faster and more difficult to kill. It takes patience, but it is worth it. But be careful, because once you die, your privileges will be reset.

The strike package is a huge bonus. Whether you get a kill, capture the flag, shoot down the drone, or shoot down the turret of Sam, you can get a gap in the combo. That’s right, serial killing is no longer strictly a killing, so please do yourself and your team a favor, play as a target and spend time shooting down enemy drones.

Multiplayer games are obviously played at different rhythms. It is as fast as MW2, even faster than MW2. In previous CoD games, when you were shot, you usually have a window of two to three seconds to seek cover or lie down. However, in MW3, your screen will hardly turn red, because before you notice the direction you were hit, it is too late and you are dead.

With this in mind, due to different rhythms, new toys and new weapon attempts, novice modes like combat training will be very good here. Fortunately, the private game includes every privilege, combo rewards, weapons, and accessories that were unlocked from the beginning, giving novices the opportunity to learn and explore everything the game offers before jumping into an online multiplayer game. Not to mention that there are alternate game types, such as Infection and Juggernaut. If you can gather a large group of people, these two types are very interesting.

In private competitions, you may wish to test two new game modes. Kill the confirmation and team defenders. In the killing confirmation, not only do you have to kill, but you must also collect the dog tags of fallen enemies to win the game. Dog tags can be picked up by any of your teammates, and you will all get points rewards. In addition to the flag, holding the flag can win the points of the game, so encourage teamwork. The average distribution of the scores makes the two modes very balanced and fun to play.

The Prestige Store is also a newly added project, giving players a little incentive on the way to level 80. Every time you gain reputation, you will get a token, which you can use for rewards. However, like proficiency, the prestige store seems to be the last to think of it. Rewards include double XP, an additional custom slot, and a package with call sign and badge. Prestiging is an achievement, especially after reaching level 80 in MW3, rewards like pictures may be beaten.

Spec Ops Survival and Strike Packages are the best new additions in MW3, while Proficiencies and Prestige Shop are good concepts that lack creativity. Badges, call signs, and honors seem to have been forgotten; although there are now leaderboards, they have no other attributes than competitive advantage. Apart from the strike package, MW3 really has nothing we haven’t seen yet. This is not to say that you will not get a fix for your first-person shooter. As an independent game, it is worth every penny, and will undoubtedly let players occupy before the next work.


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